Official Patriot Gear Founder Ian Wendt Sheds Light on What It Truly Means to be Patriotic

A wide variety of reasons can drive a person to climb the pinnacles of greatness. Some consider attaining financial security and gaining generational wealth as their primary goals, while others cling to the vision of being able to make a difference in the world. Whether it is for an individual’s personal growth or the world’s progress and development, people’s drive to translate visions into actions depends on their sources of motivation. In the case of Ian Wendt, it is the idea of impacting lives among communities that pushes him to transcend limitations, exceed expectations, and break barriers. Today, he stands at the forefront of Official Patriot Gear in order to catalyze change one t-shirt or piece of apparel at a time.

From the get-go, Ian Wendt has always been a staunch advocate for change. Since 2019, he has been using his influence in social media to bring many issues to light, using his platform to raise awareness across the world. His popularity was particularly striking as it inspired many individuals and communities to stand up and be heard, and helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for various charities, organizations, small businesses, and struggling families around the globe. On a mission to utilize his influence for the greater good, he decided to breathe life into the Official Patriot Gear with a purpose-driven vision in mind.

Official Patriot Gear is an apparel brand that is far beyond any ordinary clothing company. Unlike other apparel enterprises that focus on keeping up with the trends and creating stylish material, this emerging entity aims to unite people under one flag by exhibiting patriotism through its impressive collection of clothes and accessories. Thus, its messaging is simple: to promote patriotism that is non-exclusive and non-divisive through the clothes people wear. 

“The goal is not to create a polarizing brand but to unite people from all walks of life, who share the same ideals when it comes to truth, freedom, and patriotism,” explained Ian. “We are not just a politically-charged clothing brand; we are a lifestyle company that seeks to send across an impactful message to millions of people worldwide,” he added.

Although Official Patriot Gear is already recognized for its patriotic theme and incredible clothing line, this emerging household brand is also acclaimed for its impressive dedication to inspiring aspiring hopefuls across the globe. As a matter of fact, Ian has emphasized that his company is not only a hotpot of patriotic spirit but also a haven of hope and inspiration. “I hope that business owners will become inspired and motivated to maneuver towards the forefront of their dreams,” explained Ian. 

Moreover, Official Patriot Gear stays true to its mission: “Patriotism is not partisan. Patriotism is not exclusive to one group or individual. Regardless of your race, religion, sex, or political affiliation, among others, if you love your country and your countrymen, you want to see your country grow and thrive and be free. You are willing to defend it; you are a patriot.”

With orders coming from all over the world, it is clear that Official Patriot Gear is just getting started. Ian Wendt aims to continue his brand’s quest of expanding its horizons, promoting unity among people and communities not only in America but across the globe. By reminding people what it means to be united and patriotic, this emerging brand sets the bar high, serving as a source of motivation for thousands of go-getting, freedom-loving aspirants all over the world.

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