New York Entrepreneur Eddie Sitt Invents an All-Natural Solution to the Dry Eye Problem

Dry eye is a prevalent problem in the world today. Most people do not realize it until they experience it firsthand, but it has been a real eyesore for those that have it. For renowned New York entrepreneur Eddie Sitt, the discovery came to him when his wife was afflicted with the condition. He went with her to her appointments and soon realized that this was a pressing issue that needed to be solved. He quickly assessed the current treatments for addressing dry eye and found it to be severely lacking. Thus, Dry Eye Mask was born, the certified gold standard when it comes to treating dry eye.

Before the invention of Eddie Sitt’s renowned Dry Eye Mask product, dry eye was commonly treated with a simple mask heated through a microwave. Through Eddie’s research, sifting through many studies, and consulting medical professionals, he developed the finest solution to everyone’s dry eye woes. 

Currently, Eddie Sitt is selling the products directly to doctors and catalogs to finally purge the global dry eye problem. The product is an all-natural solution that completely removes the need for the microwaved mask offering much more convenience and efficiency. The dry eye mask, in short, uses electric energy to “heat” up the eyelids and the glands that live there to enhance the NATURAL oil production needed to prevent the evaporation of the eye’s tear film.

Scientific research has shown that applying consistent heat to these eye glands for an ideal amount of time of approximately TEN minutes will allow oils to release into the eye naturally. Once heated, the oil becomes more lucid than its current state to release through the tiny glands and prevent dry eyes.

Furthermore, the Dry Eye Mask features its very own temperature control that allows maximum comfort to its user. Most women over the age of 50 will greatly benefit from this brilliant invention, allowing them to feel comfortable and free while they rid themselves of the dry eye problem.

Many satisfied customers have left glowing reviews for the Dry Eye Mask over at the product’s website. One customer by the name of Louie Anderson said: “I love the mask! I love the beautiful Black Box, which I use to store my mask while leaving it plugged into my outlet. It makes everything look neat and tidy around my bed. I love the luxurious feel of the velvety material. I love the black cord because it is not cold cheap plastic. In short, I love everything. Nothing feels cheap. It is so easy to use God-bless you for your outstanding customer service also.”

The many positive testimonials from the general public and medical professionals that the Dry Eye Mask has received are a testament to the product’s innovative and effective solution towards finally putting an end to the dry eye epidemic. It is clear to see that Eddie Sitt has struck gold with his inventiveness and his impeccable work ethic. Through his renowned product, the esteemed New York entrepreneur has proven that the world’s most pressing problems can be solved through a critical mind and a passion for the greater good.


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