Multi-Faceted Artist Queennak Takes the Next Step in Her Journey by Creating the Queennak Luxury Fashion Line

Creating a platform as an entertainer, whether it’s a career in the music or acting industry, may generate a large revenue but is never guaranteed to last forever. With the uncertainty of one’s career ending abruptly, many turn to entrepreneurial pursuits, often opting for a clothing line. Neneh Ada Yang, best known as musical artist and humanitarian Queennak, is among the latest names to join the fashion world with her brand, Queennak Luxury LLC.

Queennak Luxury is an international clothing and accessories company with roots dating back over a decade ago. The artist laid the foundations for her clothing line in May 2011 in Beijing, China, selling her fashion designs and participating in various fashion shows.

Among the brand’s early exposures are significant shows like the Duyi International Costume Fashion Show, an annual show that promotes cultural exchange through cultural outfits and models, the African Costume Fashion Show at the Sierra Leone Embassy in Beijing, which was graced by the presence of the former Sierra Leone president, Ernest Bai Koroma, the  All Red Halloween Party Fashion Show, the White Winter Konnect, and the All Black at the China World Trade Center in Beijing.

Queennak organized another fashion show in Los Angeles, California in early 2019 during her Queennak Walk of Fame Gala. The event was opened by the honorary consul and goodwill ambassador of Sierra Leone to Los Angeles county, Madam Isatu N Timbo and Tiffany Persons of Shine On Sierra Leone, alongside the AYV TV, celebrities, talents, media, and business people in California. 

In November 2021, the artist officially registered her business in New York as an LLC for men, women, and children’s clothing and accessories. Queennak Luxury gives a percentage of its sales to charity. “We give most of our profit to charities,” said the Queennak Luxury founder. “We’re calling on e-regime to support the Queennak Luxury Collections.”

Founder and namesake Queennak was born in Sierra Leone as Neneh Ada Yang and proved to be a multi-faceted wonder who excelled in academics and shared a penchant for creativity, staying consistent on top in her classes. By college, she became active in school and public activities, exercising her passion for the arts and humanities. In 2011, she earned the crown for Queen of Embrix Club.

Throughout her career, Queennak has explored many professions, becoming a painter, fashion designer, activist, reality TV personality, and most famously as a musical artist. As a visual artist, Quennak would share the proceeds of her sales and works as donations to charities throughout the globe, helping the less privileged. Famously known as a musical artist, she has been known for featuring Afro beats and other cultural approaches to promote cultural exchanges. The multifaceted artist often gives back to the community, giving away free CDs, wristbands, t-shirts, and other merchandise to her followers.

With her newly established brand, Queennak hopes to continue her philanthropist practices, giving back to the people, creating job opportunities, and changing lives for years to come.Learn more about Queennak Luxury LLC by visiting their official website. You can also reach out to them through Facebook and Instagram.


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