Ms. Meriam on Becoming One of the Top Agents in Off-Market Deals in Miami’s Real Estate Space

The real estate industry is filled with many individuals from different backgrounds looking for their next home or business venue, and it can often be difficult for agents to get on the same page. Meriam Aberri, best known as Ms. Meriam, is a renowned figure in Miami’s real estate industry with the ability to speak more than one language, making her one of the most versatile realtors in the space.

Meriam Aberri is of Arabic descent but was born in Belgium. She would later relocate with her family to Dubai, where Meriam spent her childhood. As she grew older, Meriam would opt for a change of scenery, moving to London. She would go beyond speaking English and Arabic throughout her travels by learning French, Dutch, and German. Eventually, Meriam settled in Miami, where she met her husband.

It was her husband’s influence that led her to the world of real estate. An investor who also flipped properties, he one day asked her to pick up a check in her name from a company. The little chore laid the foundation for her passion for real estate. Since then, she has grown her career as one of the best in the industry.

Equipped with an understanding of how important it is to set oneself apart from the competition, Meriam named her brand Ms. Meriam. She developed a knack for presenting herself in classy outfits, pairing fancy getups with matching large hats. More than just a pretty face, Ms. Meriam has gained recognition for her high-end connections and negotiating skills. The classy realtor has gained a client list of royalty, hedge funds, institutions, billionaires, and millionaires. In the past year, Ms. Meriam made eight figures in sales. Her success has resulted from her specialty in off-market deals, a challenge that many in the real estate space find difficult to overcome.

With off-market deals, the properties in question are seldom listed or advertised. The rarity of the properties makes them a prized asset in the real estate space. With a high demand for these properties, interested buyers have been bidding with cash as sellers are willing to entertain a quick closing. Equipped with expertise in off-market deals, Ms. Meriam has been thriving as her knowledge and skills have given her the edge above the limited competition. Additionally, her work ethic and diligence have helped elevate her brand in Miami’s real estate scene.

Although Ms. Meriam has been successful in her endeavors, she shows humility by passing all the praises to God, whom she turns to when dealing with setbacks and challenges. “I don’t really struggle,” she shared, “God is with me. I’m blessed by Him. If a door closes, I know there is a better one opening for me.” 

Having tasted great success in her real estate career, Ms. Meriam is enthusiastic about what her future career holds. She is currently working toward her goal of making billions and eventually hopes to reach trillions in sales.Ms. Meriam’s services can be acquired by reaching out to her on Instagram.


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