Mindful Connections: Prioritizing Mental Health with Dr. Gaby Toloza’s Love-Based Approach

Mindful Connections: Prioritizing Mental Health with Dr. Gaby Toloza's Love-Based Approach
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Mental health is one of the biggest challenges that we face in America today, and self-care is becoming all the more important when it comes to prioritizing mental health and inner peace. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the issue has become even more prominent as people struggle with isolation, anxiety, and depression. Dr. Gaby Toloza, a clinical psychologist and mental health advocate, is addressing this problem in her own way. Based on personal experience and her diverse professional background, Toloza has grown her practice dedicated to helping others improve and protect their mental health through mindfulness and related practices. 

Toloza’s Method 

Toloza began her career with a passion for working with kids and understanding their perspective. “I love children and getting into their world and understanding things from their perspective,” She shares. Growing on her experiences working with children, she continued into working in homeless shelters, drug rehab, CPS, prisons, clinics, and people’s homes before starting her own business, Mindful Connections. Her approach is unique for each person, based on their individual needs. Gaby Toloza is trained in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and uses this model to help clients become psychologically flexible. Her services cover a multitude of issues, ranging from parenting, grief and loss work, couples work to personal growth sessions. 

Virtual Shift: From Challenge to Opportunity

One of the biggest challenges Gaby Toloza faced was shifting to virtual work when she moved to Italy for a few years. She had to adjust her approach and learn how to connect with her clients remotely. This experience ultimately helped her steamline her services into being fully virtual, allowing her to work with clients from all over at their own convenience. She established her business, Mindful Connections, to help people protect their mental health and live more fulfilling lives. “My system is unique for each person. I base it off of everyone’s needs. I’ve done this for my clients and for myself as well.” Gaby Toloza’s system is based on the 7 tenets of mindfulness, which help her clients focus on what matters most to them and what most gets in their way including but not limited to identifying limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, overcoming trauma and substance abuse.

Love-Based Approach

Gaby Toloza’s approach to mental health is not about curing or fixing people; in fact she believes strongly that each person carries within them all they truly need. Her role is to help them remember that knowing which will allow them to adapt and coexist in an ever-changing world. Gaby Toloza operates according to her core value; love. She desires to use love as her core driving force for all that she does personally and professionally. This allows her to find success and fulfillment through her meaningful work. Her ultimate aim is to empower her clients to take the next loving action in their lives.

Take Care of Your Mental Health Today

If you’re struggling with mental health challenges, Toloza can help. Follow her on her Website and social media for more tips on protecting your mental health and living a more peaceful and fulfilling life. Toloza also offers retreats, and is currently offering signups for her “Hawaiian Mindfulness Retreat.” Taking care of your mental health is one of the most important things you can do, and Gaby Toloza has the resources to help.

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