Michael Darko on Leading the Acclaimed and Trusted Security-Focused Private Jet Company Farringdon Jets

It is an understatement to say that people have been itching to resume activities that were put on hold for close to two years because of the pandemic. From meeting up with loved ones outside the confines of one’s own home to hopping on a plane, people across the globe are now on their feet, especially following the easing up of COVID-19 restrictions. Ready to serve and committed to providing a premier travel experience to individuals and families, Michael Darko’s Farringdon Jets is back in the skies.

A security-focused private jet charter company, Farringdon Jets is the brainchild of Michael Darko, a widely accomplished entrepreneur with an impressive portfolio attached to his name. Since he was a child, he had always held a deep-seated fascination for aviation, which didn’t make it surprising when he eventually carved a path toward the forefront of the aviation industry by establishing a private charter business.

From a seedling of an idea conceptualized together with a friend to a trusted companion of those traveling for business and pleasure, Farringdon Jets has grown exponentially over the years under the leadership of Michael Darko. What makes its rise even more astounding is the fact that it started as a bootstrapped project. 

Today, Farringdon Jets stands as an obvious choice for clients who want to experience all corners of the globe. Its access to a global network spanning over 10,000 luxury, state-of-the-art aircraft allows all customers to breeze through their flights with no problems. 

However, while the convenience that Farringdon Jets offers is undeniably one of its strongest suits, the extent to which it ensures the safety of its clients can be credited for its success, as well. “Our focus on security makes us perfect for those who want to prioritize their safety on the ground, especially in destinations with an increased threat level,” said Michael Darko. 

The heavy premium that Farringdon Jets places on security is reflected in the way it undertakes a stringent safety check on each of its aircraft. Additionally, it adheres to regular quality control monitoring and partners with specialist ground security experts who can help clients continue their journey in the comfort of chauffeured armored vehicles.  

So far, Farringdon Jets has succeeded in finding the perfect solution for the charter needs of a broad range of clients, an accomplishment that it plans to keep under its belt in the years to come. Not only has it helped transport heavy machinery, fragile equipment and time-sensitive cargo, but it has also handled last-minute trips and emergency flights. Moreover, this industry power player has ensured the necessary privacy, security, and schedule efficiency of the transport of government officials and their support teams.

Armed with big plans for Farringdon Jets, Michael Darko is expanding the company’s offering of unique travel inspirations to give both new and seasoned travelers the most memorable experiences. In addition, he and his team of professionals are currently gearing up to harness and maximize the power of technology to emerge as the go-to private jet charter brand among its clients.

To find out more, you can contact Michael Darko through LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-d-1b406693/.  

Follow him on Instagram and Twitter – @mike_is_where


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