Meet Reita Hackaj: The Woman who transformed her Curiosity and Creative Brilliance into the World of Senstylable

Meet Reita Hackaj: The Woman who transformed her Curiosity and Creative Brilliance into the World of Senstylable
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Imagine yourself scrolling through the labyrinthine landscape of Instagram, where a seemingly endless stream of content vies for your attention. Suddenly, a video discussing female hormonal cycles appears on your screen. It strikes a chord deep within you, cutting through the digital noise. Compelled by your own curiosity, you tap on the account behind the video. Little do you know, you’re on the brink of setting off a chain of events that will whisk you away into the captivating world of Senstylable.

It’s not just another account; it’s a digital phenomenon that reels you in with its meticulously curated content. Each swipe takes you further down the rabbit hole, each post feeling as though it were chosen specifically for you. Senstylable becomes more than just a profile—it becomes a digital sanctuary that resonates with your unique essence.

So you click, you swipe, and you explore, unaware that you’re embarking on a journey deeper into a realm tailored to the discerning preferences of a grown woman. A realm that doesn’t just meet your expectations but exceeds them in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Welcome to Senstylable—where your curiosity isn’t just welcomed; it’s the key to a captivating world that awaits your discovery.

Read on to find out how (thank goodness) Reita Hackaj started her Instagram community in 2012 while writing her bachelor thesis, all about her journey from a business graduate experimenting with social media to becoming the businesswoman she is today.

CEO Weekly: You have been doing this for over ten years, and it feels like you already knew we would all get to this point where social media would impact our lives. Tell me how this all started.

Reita: I must confess, it all began quite unexpectedly. Instagram was still in its early days, and I was following girls like Chiara Ferragni, who immensely inspired me. Being in the spotlight was never my forte, so starting my own fashion blog wasn’t the path for me. Instead, I decided to share the looks of those few influencers who were prominent at that time, along with captivating images from brand lookbooks.

And then how did it become a business…

As the audience of Senstylable began to expand rapidly, it drew the interest of influencers eager to enhance their reputations. It was back in 2013, in countries like the UK, USA, and Italy, that I witnessed the initial wave of influencers venturing into their first brand collaborations. With a growing need for increased followers, I saw an opportunity to offer subscriptions featuring their distinctive styles at nominal fees.

The pivotal year of 2014 brought a turning point as multiple brands started to approach me for campaign collaborations. This was the moment when I realized that Senstylable had evolved beyond a mere endeavor—it was transforming into a bona fide business venture. Fueled by this revelation, I took the bold step of leaving my role as a business consultant and channeling a staggering 14 hours each day into molding my aspirations into reality.

CEO Weekly: For 11 years, you have been in a business that nobody could predict how it would change or what rules it would follow. What’s the hidden secret behind it all?

Reita: I knew early enough that social media was here to stay and would become a big part of our lives. I could see that Senstylable was getting attention, but I also knew it was vital to know what the audience wanted. People’s ideas about social media have really changed over the years. They’re more careful about what they see, and they want to learn and feel inspired. It’s like a game of staying updated with trends and paying attention to what your audience wants to see.

CEO Weekly: What would you recommend to those who want to be in the social media business?

Reita:I recommend that individuals discover a topic that genuinely ignites their passion and convey pertinent information to their target audience. Placing themselves in their followers’ shoes and attuning to the content their audience desires is crucial. Continuously refining content based on audience preferences is equally important to consistently deliver valued content.

As I reflect on my journey into the captivating world of Senstylable and my conversation with the visionary creator, Reita Hackaj, I am reminded that the realm of social media is a constantly evolving landscape. Reita’s story is a testament to the power of following one’s instincts, even when the path is uncertain. Her journey from a business graduate experimenting with social media to becoming a trailblazing businesswoman over the course of 11 years is a testament to her foresight, dedication, and unwavering belief in the potential of social media.

In an era where the digital realm has become an integral part of our lives, Reita’s ability to not only adapt to changing trends but also anticipate them serves as an inspiration to aspiring individuals in the social media business. Her recommendation to passionately pursue a subject, empathize with the audience, and consistently refine content aligns with the essence of creating a meaningful online presence. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of social media, Reita’s journey reminds us that staying connected, inspired, and attuned to our audience’s desires can lead to extraordinary outcomes.

With Senstylable as a shining example, Reita Hackaj has demonstrated that with a clear vision, dedication, and an understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape, one can carve a path that not only withstands the test of time but also leaves an indelible mark on the world of social media.


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