Meet Joel Molina: Founder of Sketchie Entertainment Group And Mazco Original

Meet Joel Molina: Founder of Sketchie Entertainment Group And Mazco Original
Photo Credited to Fernando Gonzalez

Joel “NaeSketchie” Molina, our esteemed Chief Executive Officer, is a versatile entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio encompassing various brands, including his inaugural marketing venture, “Sketchie Entertainment Group.”

“Sketchie Entertainment Group” is widely recognized as a preeminent, top-tier hospitality entity within the vibrant landscape of New York City. Renowned for its expertise in marketing and nightlife curation, this organization was founded by Nae Sketchie in the year 2002. Leveraging his exceptional networking acumen, Nae Sketchie has propelled “Sketchie Entertainment Group” to unparalleled heights, consistently setting industry standards.

Nae Sketchie’s journey within the entertainment sector, which took a significant turnaround 2011, was marked by his decision to take on the management of the acclaimed R&B artist, Angelica Vila. Angelica Vila, formerly signed to Roc Nation, initially collaborated with the influential figure, Fat Joe. Under Fat Joe’s management, Angelica Vila secured a pivotal contract with Jay-Z’s iconic label, Roc Nation. While their professional paths have diverged in recent years, the bond between Nae Sketchie and Angelica Vila remains steadfast. Angelica Vila, Nae Sketchie’s niece, continues to hold a special place in his heart, and he deeply values the opportunities they’ve shared.

In summary, Joel “NaeSketchie” Molina’s journey as an entrepreneur and his significant contributions to the entertainment industry, particularly through “Sketchie Entertainment Group” and his involvement with Angelica Vila, are emblematic of his enduring commitment to fostering success and nurturing enduring relationships.

In addition to his leadership role at Sketchie Entertainment Group, Joel “NaeSketchie” Molina oversees an exclusive luxury clothing line known as MAZCO Original. Much like Sketchie Entertainment group, MAZCO Original has achieved remarkable success over the years. The inception of MAZCO Original stemmed from Nae Sketchie’s spontaneous aspiration to establish his own clothing brand. His diverse entrepreneurial pursuits have led him to engage in various facets of the business world, and he recognized that with his acumen, he could excel in the realm of fashion.

MAZCO Original is meticulously crafted with the intention of not only enhancing consumers’ appearance but also fostering a sense of unparalleled self-assuredness. Central to its mission is the aspiration to enrich the local community by providing a luxury experience akin to that offered by esteemed high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, all while maintaining an accessible price point.

In summary, Joel “NaeSketchie” Molina’s foray into the fashion industry with MAZCO Original exemplifies his commitment to diverse entrepreneurial endeavors, where his pursuit of excellence extends to making luxury accessible to a broader audience while contributing positively to his community.


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