Meet Atlanta Esthetician Nikki Payne – Creator of the Vain Bodies Wholesale Program for Beautypreneurs

Nikki Payne is a survivor and a fighter who has dedicated herself to spreading the message of “building wellness from the inside out” after surviving the traumatic loss of her two children, husband, and mother in a four-year span. Nikki has used her voice and personal experiences to inspire women across the country throughout the last decade.

Nikki has offered her services as an Esthetician to women in shelters. This emphasizes the necessity of total health along a survivor’s journey even more.

Nikki’s many activities include writing E-books and giving talks at special events. She also finds purpose in providing career training through her “Art of Body Sculpting” training courses and organizing an annual Atlanta 5K Walk in memory of her children.

Nikki Payne has been an esthetician since 2013, and she previously ran a cosmetic salon in Buckhead Atlanta that provided a variety of non-surgical treatments to women wanting to improve their physical health.  Nikki has experience in the banking, emergency service, and beauty industries, so she can evaluate situations from a financial, medical, and business perspective that sets her apart from most others.

Nikki’s diversity in experience and knowledge gives her a wide range of understanding, so she understands the experiences of people from every walk of life. Nikki had to build herself up from nothing after losing everything, so she can relate to people from all walks of life on a deeper level than most others. She takes this attitude into her business and practice.

Nikki believes that recovery starts from the inside out and feeling good about yourself contributes to good mental health.

Nikki’s aim is to boost men and women’s self-esteem and confidence within themselves. Nikki began her own line of non-invasive equipment and detox products on her website Vain Bodies because she recognized that insecurities are something that everyone faces, and she wished to provide answers and support on the road to feeling unbreakable.

In addition to being an Esthetician, Nikki is also a speaker and author. She now offers a wholesale program to help beauty professionals off all facets, survive the pandemic at VB Wholesale.

Nikki is fondly known as the “Comeback Queen” by many people because she strongly believes that having a healthy mental attitude is critical to maintaining good emotional well-being. Having this attitude has helped her overcome every challenge she’s faced and prioritize her wellbeing and health.

Nikki encourages ladies of all types to achieve a comprehensive balance in their lives and through her newest company project, ‘Vain Bodies by Nikki,’ she’s established a platform that promotes both physical and financial wellness and health. Nikki is also a fitness enthusiast.

Nikki’s aim is to provide women with the tools they need to feel their best and achieve a balanced lifestyle. She aims to train ladies on how to build confidence from within, just as she has done herself.

Through her company, Vain Bodies By Nikki, she transmits that she wants every woman to feel beautiful inside and out. She helps them achieve and aim for being financially stable, physically fit, healthy, loved, providing for themselves and their families, having a positive mental attitude, and much more.

Nikki has appeared in Ebony Magazine, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, Sheen Magazine, Your World with Dr. Creflo Dollar, and many other publications for her incredible achievements and efforts. Her objective is to help everyone she comes into contact with feel incredible and unbreakable. 

Learn more about products offered by Nikki Payne on her official website.


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