Maxim Mnyakin on the Dessert Revolution with MOTIKO Mochi in the USA

Maxim Mnyakin on the Dessert Revolution with MOTIKO Mochi in the USA
Photo Credit: Motiko Mochi USA

By: Motiko Mochi USA

Today, we welcome Maxim Mnyakin, representing the innovative and premium brand MOTIKO in the American market. Maxim, tell us about MOTIKO and your plans for this brand in the USA.

Maxim Mnyakin:  MOTIKO is more than just a dessert. It’s a blend of traditional Japanese mochi art with modern innovations and ingredients. We see significant potential for developing a culture of consumption for this unique product in the American market, where Eastern traditions meet contemporary tastes.

Question: What makes your product unique?

Maxim Mnyakin: Our mochi is not just a tasty dessert, but a reflection of culture and innovation. We offer a combination of soft dough with various fillings – from traditional to exotic, including vegan and gluten-free options. It’s an entirely new taste experience for the American consumer, complemented by environmentally friendly packaging and innovative sales channels specifically designed for this product.

Question: Interesting to know, what unique sales channels are you developing?

Maxim Mnyakin: In the USA, we start with our own network of branded stores, already successful in Europe with our partners in countries like the Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, France, Romania, the Baltics, and others. We are particularly proud of our specially designed innovative vending machines for mochi – the first of its kind in the world, changing the way Mochi is purchased, making it convenient and accessible. The machines are equipped with refrigerators, large screens, and user-friendly interfaces. In the future, we plan to add coffee machines for the perfect coffee and mochi pairing.

Question: What are your future plans?

Maxim Mnyakin: Our goal is to become the first American market company and leader, offering Americans access to Mochi through a widespread network of our own branded stores, as well as through our innovative vending machines. Our franchise will give American entrepreneurs the opportunity to join this exciting path. In the foreseeable future, we plan to build a modern factory in cooperation with European partners and integrate with local producers and suppliers of ingredients to ensure the quality and variety of our desserts.

Question: What are your visions for the future of your business in the USA?

Maxim Mnyakin: We are confident that our unique products and innovative sales channels, including our proprietary vending machines, will resonate with the American audience. We are ready to apply our 15 years of experience in the European vending business to achieve our ambitions in the USA. Our mission is not just to sell a product but to offer Americans a new Mochi consumption experience that combines taste, quality, and innovation.

Question: What challenges do you face entering the American market?

Maxim Mnyakin: The main challenge was understanding the cultural and taste preferences of Americans. We carefully adapted our product and marketing strategies to match local tastes while maintaining the uniqueness and premium quality of our offer.

Question: What values underpin your brand?

Maxim Mnyakin: The key values of our brand are innovation, quality, and environmental sustainability. We aim not only to produce delicious desserts but also to create value, respect cultural traditions, and implement sustainable practices in our operations.

Question: How do you plan to integrate with local communities in the USA?

Maxim Mnyakin: We intend to actively participate in local cultural life, taking part in festivals and events. We also plan to provide our Mochi free of charge at local holidays and for charitable purposes, allowing us to engage with community life and test our flavors on the American market.

Interviewer: Maxim, thank you for the fascinating interview. Your plans to develop the MOTIKO brand and its innovative approach in the world of desserts in the American market are truly impressive. Your ideas and commitment to innovation will undoubtedly attract much attention. We wish you success in this exciting endeavor!

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