Matt Holmes and HMFIC Marketing Emphasizes the Importance of Quality Over Quantity

When the world reached new heights with technology, they braced themselves for innovation to make work and everyday life more convenient. Over the past decades, more businesses have switched over to the online platform. Facebook, in particular, has been home to many entrepreneurs and small businesses, but not everyone has been able to maximize their brands on the social media platform. When Matt Holmes realized how many people struggled with Facebook, he created HMFIC Marketing to help them with their endeavors.

For many years, Matt Holmes has been involved in the online marketing world, where he ran operations, marketing, and traffic. As the world and technology evolved, so did his ambitions. He saw that while people were shifting towards the digital platform, they struggled to make an impact. Entrepreneurs and small businesses were trying to crack the Facebook code but yielded little to no results. Looking to help them, he created HMFIC Marketing to give them a hand in growing their brand, generate better leads, and increase sales & revenue.

Established in 2018, HMFIC Marketing specializes in working with high-growth companies, thought leaders, and professional service providers. With such a vast market, Matt and his company focus on quality hand-picked clients. HMFIC focuses on the quality of its clients instead of the quantity, utilizing a small team that works directly with its clients who align with their goals. “We are not another ad agency that focuses on paid traffic,” founder Matt Holmes elaborated. “We really look at our clients’ short & long-term goals and how we can help them get there with an optimal paid traffic strategy.”

The company helps businesses and brands focused on professional services that are willing to offer lower ticket digital coaching offers and live multi-day events as well as HMFIC partners with high-ticket coaching masterminds that specialize in business and personal development. While the company is more prominently known for its hand in the entrepreneurial space, HMFIC Marketing has also delved into the health & fitness space.

Matt Holmes has attributed his company’s success to his team’s passion for taking care of their clients. “They are more than just a spot on our client roster,” Matt shared, “We want them to succeed just as much as we want to succeed.” Like most companies in the industry, HMFIC helps others build their dream life by focusing on short-term and long-term goals. However, they have certain qualities that let them stand out from the rest. The company sets up several strategies to pick out which one can best help them reach their goals.

Additionally, most agencies focus on generating traffic and, once they achieve their goal, leave their clients to their own devices. HMFIC Marketing follows its clients every step of the way, even when their work is complete. With the success he has amassed since creating his company, Matt Holmes likes to emphasize that money is not their goal, sometimes refusing clients who can afford their services. “I am who I am and only work with clients or projects we enjoy as well.”

HMFIC Marketing strives to impact more lives, working with the best of the best clients. Matt foresees more growth for his company, expanding his and his team’s skill sets and staying up-to-date with the latest technology so they can be on the cutting edge. “The basics of marketing stand the test of time, but it is how we adapt to fit with the changes.” 

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