Maria van Vlodrop: Pioneering New Pathways for Artists in New York City

Maria van Vlodrop: Pioneering New Pathways for Artists in New York City
Photo Courtesy: AD ART SHOW

In the vibrant labyrinth of New York City’s art scene, a revolutionary venture led by the visionary Maria van Vlodrop is reshaping the landscape. With a career that traverses continents and industries, van Vlodrop has embarked on an ambitious journey to meld the worlds of Art and Commerce into a cohesive unit. This mission gave birth to MvVO ART, an innovative platform dedicated to unveiling new opportunities for artists, art aficionados, and brands alike.

Maria van Vlodrop’s journey into the art world is not one of happenstance but of purposeful direction. As a global business executive with deep roots in creativity, technology, and marketing, her transition into the arts was propelled by an intrinsic desire to bridge the gap between commercial success and artistic integrity. In 2018, she founded AD ART SHOW with a vision to celebrate those in advertising who harbor a passion for art beyond their professional obligations. The debut at Sotheby’s in New York was nothing short of spectacular, showcasing 100 artists and setting a precedent for what was possible when creative worlds collide.

AD ART SHOW’s success story continued as it found its home in unconventional and visually spectacular art spaces, including Outfront’s dramatic billboards in Times Square—and across the U.S, Powerhouse Arts in Brooklyn, and on the monumental digital screens at the Oculus at Westfield World Trade Center. These moves signify more than just a change of venue as locations are key to the MvVO ART ambition to expand the audience for contemporary art while reimagining and redefining the intertwined relationships between Art & Commerce. MvVO ART is actively creating spaces for artists to reach the public and opening avenues for brands to align with art and artists in meaningful ways.

At its core, MvVO ART stems from van Vlodrop’s realization about her friends in advertising who were also talented artists lacking a platform to showcase their work. “A lot of my friends in advertising are artists,” she reflects, “and that was the original spark that led me to found MvVO ART.” Her insight is profound as it acknowledges the long-standing connection between advertising professionals and their contributions to art – from Toulouse-Lautrec and Magritte to Haring, Hopper and Warhol. These figures underscored the natural synergy between these fields, which historically offered both support and employment.

Maria’s foresight in founding MvVO ART sought not only to highlight this connection but also to strengthen it by forging powerful partnerships between artists and brands. Such collaborations are aimed at creating unique art experiences that benefit artists and brands while growing the audience for contemporary art and enriching the cultural fabric of society.

Since its launch at Sotheby’s in 2018, the MvVO ART/AD ART SHOW has been instrumental in acquainting art enthusiasts, collectors, curators, gallerists, and critics with skilled fine artists hailing from advertising and related fields. Curated by a panel of contemporary art experts, participants are selected annually, with collector-driven jury panels determining prize recipients. MvVO ART continues to provide unwavering support to featured artists, offering a dedicated Artsy gallery page for art purchases. 

The recognition of Maria van Vlodrop’s efforts extends far beyond her immediate circle. ADWEEK magazine honored her as one of the Top 10 Cultural Shapers during and beyond the pandemic on its Creative 100 List—a testament to her influence across creative domains. Her multifaceted career showcases an impressive blend of marketing savvy, technological innovation, boundless creativity, and entrepreneurial zeal.

MvVO ART stands out not merely as an organization but as a movement towards creating sustainable opportunities for emerging artists within New York City’s ever-evolving art scene. By bringing together experts from diverse backgrounds—art, advertising, marketing media, branding, communications & technology—the team offers fresh perspectives that challenge conventional notions while fostering growth.

Those interested in learning more about MvVO ART or wishing to participate in upcoming events like AD ART SHOW to be held in inventive locations that inspire interest in contemporary art can find additional information on their website, This digital space serves not only as a portal for discovering upcoming shows but also highlights featured artists’ works—allowing visitors insight into future trends shaping New York City’s artistic landscape.

Maria van Vlodrop’s contribution through MvVO ART provides invaluable opportunities for artists in New York City—helping them gain visibility to art professionals while reaching broader audiences. Through strategic partnerships with brands eager to engage with authentic creativity, she crafts unique experiences that transcend conventional boundaries—marking her as a true pioneer.


Published By: Aize Perez


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