Love, Hope & Lyme—Expert Janna Johnson on Her Incredible Journey from Surviving to Thriving

Love, Hope & Lyme—Expert Janna Johnson on Her Incredible Journey from Surviving to Thriving
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By: Maria Williams

“Twenty months ago, I said yes to myself, yes to my dreams, and yes to the unknown. For the first time, I said no to my fears, and now I’m not scared anymore,” smiles bestselling author, holistic nutritionist, and mindset expert Janna Johnson. This is an inspiring tale of truth: From a struggling Lyme survivor to an invisible disease warrior, anything is possible when you put your mind to it. So, now is the time to choose: will you survive or thrive?

Defeating Lyme may seem like a far-fetched dream, too far to even fathom. Still, against all odds, holistic nutritionist, integrative health coach, and mindset expert Janna Johnson proved to herself and others that it is possible.

People living with chronic Lyme disease often experience symptoms that make it hard, and sometimes impossible, to go about their daily lives. From severe brain fog causing derealization, leaky gut, panic attacks, confusion, short-term memory loss, anemia, fatigue, severe depression, and more, the endless list of emotional and physical effects can take its toll, especially when no one believes you.

With over a year’s worth of wondering why she felt imprisoned, plus fourteen more medical officials and multiple treatments with few solutions—all paying little to no attention to the persisting signs—Johnson nearly gave up all hope.

“I was listening to so much negativity with everyone telling me I’ll never get well and that Lyme cannot be fully eradicated from your body,” she recalls. “I remember the day I didn’t want to be here anymore. For the last two years, it was unbearable, constantly being tormented by Lyme’s horrific symptoms on top of what seemed like a life sentence with no way out. It was my breaking point.”

As she closed her eyes that frightful day, something inside shifted. Like a match to a flame, it unleashed an extraordinary epiphany so great that her invisible warrior took flight.

“I said, ‘God, if you’re sending me through this to help one person, then let’s do this,’” explains Johnson. “And that was the moment I chose differently. I decided to believe, to overcome.”

As days passed, Johnson fought the urge by choosing not to give in to the horrific episodes of Lyme disease, which provoked anxiety, derealization, and more. However, she rose like a phoenix reborn through her unwavering persistence and determination.

“Most people live their lives being held back by their limiting beliefs formed during childhood,” shares Johnson. “You can shatter each one, which breaks these invisible chains that hold you back.”

But there was one more painful season she had to endure to uncover her true self. After years of manipulation from a steady 14-year marriage, Johnson admits that through her separation, “it was that heartbreak that was worse than Lyme disease ever was.” 

However, as soon as she said yes to herself on the day of purging those self-deprecating thoughts, everything else began falling into place, a transformation that gave her the power to live the life she was meant to. 

“I was constantly trying to fill these voids with quicksand,” she adds. “And so, by changing my thought process, my actions changed. I took my health into my own hands by starving the disease instead of feeding it. I learned how to navigate through detoxes, listened to my body, and healed myself.”

Besides feeding her mind, providing her body with the proper intake became the next significant breakthrough, as food became her newly found love, a form of medicine. She stopped eating any foods that would feed the disease. As Janna states, “Food is either your medicine or poison, so choose wisely. I stopped feeding the disease and began giving my body the nutrients it needed.”

Through her health struggles, she gained invaluable insights into nutrition, the workings of the human body, stress reduction, detoxification, and the role of supplements. This led to her discovering a true calling: to assist others in reclaiming their health. 

“I stopped and told myself that I was not going to survive—I was going to thrive.”

However, those familiar with the Texan-born mother of three know that her unwavering commitment to helping people overcome their health challenges and achieve optimum wellness has blossomed into something more significant. 

Today, she is also helping others get unstuck by teaching each client how to feel like their ideal self from the inside out. Janna’s motto is “Heal your gut, brain, and body. Heal your mind, free your life. When you heal those specific things, you truly have freedom!”

By providing a platform of inspiration and hope for those who feel alone during what may be an unexpected storm, her podcast, Revive, and her book entitled Unf*ck Your Mind: Shatter Your Limiting Beliefs to Become Who You Were Meant to Be, have since gained great success.

Although Johnson’s battle with Lyme disease and overcoming it led her to become a Holistic Nutritionist, alongside her expertise in gut health and healing, her niche and impressive wealth of knowledge in mindset and motivation set her apart. 

“I have been on the dark side of health, and I understand what it is like to feel hopeless and helpless and not know where to start,” concludes Johnson. I successfully overcame those illnesses against all odds, using the same tools I now teach others.”

Although her one-to-one sessions may be limited, her free 25-minute discovery sessions are available. 

For more information on how to get unstuck, feel fulfilled, or find your purpose, gaze upon Janna Johnson’s beautiful come-up story as an example of hope. Tap into her website here:

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