Legion Engineering: A One-stop Engineering Shop from Planning to Execution

Legion Engineering: A One-stop Engineering Shop from Planning to Execution
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Legion Engineering aims to be a client’s comprehensive, one-stop-shop, acting as the client’s representative at all stages of a multi-dimensional project. This includes the planning to financial phase to the execution of the engineering project. This integrated and holistic approach provides a seamless transition between the different stages of project planning and execution, improving cost-effectiveness and fostering communication between client and Legion Engineering. 

The company was founded in September 2022 by Nathan Jones, CEO, Paul Hawryluk, PE, and Shane Dickson, PMP, who bring a combined 50 years of experience and proven and established partnerships across a number of sectors. 

Legion Engineering prides itself on its “ruthless application of technology” in its engineering approach. What sets Legion apart from others is that it understands that financiers want to see where their dollar goes to and the most up to date progress on a day-to-day basis, two things Legion provides its clients with. The company places sensors on crucial material and maintains an updated, real-time overview of the project online. 

“The client knows what was accomplished and what the problems were on a given day and we can provide the client with earned value and show you where the money went,” Jones said. 

The boutique firm’s clientele ranges from private equity companies to startups to local communities to federal bidders. Legion Engineering is proud to serve full-service capabilities in a number of sectors including: telecommunications, construction, IT and technology integration, traffic and transportation and utility engineering among others. 

Legion Engineering’s advantage is that the company’s leadership and employees bring specialized expertise to the table from these sectors, offering a comprehensive and collaborative approach to project design and management. With that expertise, Legion has recently begun managing an international project on behalf of government agencies scoped to serve 5 million families while managing a $25B budget.Through its integrated services, Legion Engineering is best-suited for both large-scale infrastructure projects and complex local projects with evolving client needs. 

“We want to focus on full corporate program models and tailor our solutions to our customers depending on their specific needs.” Hawryluk said. 

“A big chunk of what we do is we engage in a lot of interaction with stakeholders and we go through immense efforts to control data end to end with data scientists so we can produce that information for our clients,” Dickson said. “We customize our reporting so that it’s specifically beneficial to our stakeholders and so that they get a particular return on investment.” 

The firm employs a commitment to a community-first approach and is dedicated to providing service in rural communities and underserved areas. For example, it partnered with Kings

Consulting Company earlier this year to renovate a former event venue ravaged by Hurricane Harvey in northeast Houston into a state-of-the-art healthcare facility. Legion also specializes in projects aimed at boosting a community’s integration into the modern communication network. Legion is planning to access federal funds for telecommunication projects across several states in order to provide wireless and Internet services to tribal communities. 

“We’re a boutique firm and there’s not a lot of layers between us and our clients. We limit some of our choice of clients and projects in order to give that above and beyond,” Jones said. 

Jones is a veteran consultant with vast experience in waste management, environmental regulation and green technologies. A seasoned entrepreneur, Jones has consulted private equity firms, VC-funded startups and nonprofits at the local and international level with experience working in Jordan, Ghana and Syria in partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). 

Hawryluk, a professional engineer, has been involved for nearly three decades in project and construction management and has managed over $1 billion in project planning, management and execution. A Texas A&M graduate, Hawryluk is skilled in project planning, schedule development, multi-consultant integration/management, and the integration of converged technology systems for large public venues, including the management of the Kyle Field Stadium Redevelopment at Texas A&M. 

An engineer certified as a project management professional (PMP), Dickson has directly managed over $1 billion in contracts and has a background in telecom systems engineering and turnkey projects. Another Texas A&M graduate, Dickson oversees the technical aspects of contracts and deal structures. 

For your engineering, business development, and project management needs, Nate, Shane, Paul, and KCC are ready and equipped to serve you and your projects. Reach out to them any time.


– Found ourselves in similar industries doing similar things and we partnered with some of these companies to get into telecoms 

– If you don’t have internet access, you’re cut out from the economy and there’s poor connectivity around the country, until now we’re not doing anything about it

– Clever private equity backed startups and local grassroots communities to work with tribes who see this as a new utility and we have a lot of experience in government funding and grants 

– Background in government structuring 

– Our major categories of client are private equity companies we act as an owner’s representative all the way from the planning to financial phase to the execution – We do civil stuff, we specialize on making those grants, USDA announced $700 million for this program for the rural utilities services as part of the Build Back Better plan – ‘We’re a boutique firm and there’s not a lot of layers between us and our clients, we limit some of our choice of clients and projects in order to give that above and beyond – deep expertise ties to the university which gives us resources and new, hungry undergraduates 

– We understand the financial piece, convince the investor with hard data that comes in daily, construction needs to go into software proof or to a third party source that this was all accomplished – you know what got accomplished and what the problems were so we can also spit out earned value, we can show you where the money went, a component that really makes us unique 

– Clients are private equity firms, real estate firms, internet providers 

– We’re putting sensors on everything, keeping the project online 

– A ruthless application of technology, we’re young and vicious and we want to apply technology and deep expertise to oversee very expensive projects, multi-state telecom programs, stadiums, it is about applying expertise and tech to put real numbers 


– The three of us have been working together for 7 years and Shane for 8-9 years, 9 years working together 

– License engineer designing work roads and evolved into project management and representing the owner and coordinating those things 

– Worked to make the largest connected stadium in the world, the football cowfield – Really want to focus on that project management model, be able to tailor our deliverables to our owner depending on what project they want 


– Background in telecom design and infrastructure 

– A big chunk of what we do is we do a lot of interaction with stakeholders, we go through a lot of effort to control data with data scientists so we can produce that information for them, customizing our reporting so that it’s specifically beneficial to our stakeholders, they need to get a particular return on our investment so that we can tailor that information to them

– Creating a program to speed up the process for someone to become a licensed engineer, we’ll have a pool of licensed engineers


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