Learn How Miami’s very own Chef Raymond Li is rising to the top in the executive culinary industry

Chef Raymond Li is an American chef and culinary expert, in his career he has successfully contributed to Local Restaurants in Miami and did some time at multiple Michelin star restaurants across the world. He has been included in various prestigious awards and been recognized as one of the top up and coming culinary professionals in America. Li didn’t start out as a star chef with raving reviews, during the beginning of Raymond’s career he had to rely on skills that he learned as a child. We sat down with Chef Raymond Li to learn more about his journey to becoming one of the leaders in culinary cuisine. 


Raymond has had to rely on his sales and entrepreneurial skills starting all the way in his adolescent years. Li sold whatever he could growing up, through this he started seeing the results of his production. As he started to have success hustling, he learned valuable lessons for his own personal development, especially perseverance. The skills that Raymond learned during this time translated later on into his career as a culinary professional. Raymond went on to say “My drive is the biggest reason for why I work so hard, little did I know my trials and tribulations growing up has helped me a lot to stay consistent and focused on my career.” 


If there is one thing for sure in this world it’s that everything is constantly changing. For Raymond, and for being in the restaurant industry it is safe to say that changes happen quickly and more importantly often. Throughout Raymond’s career, he has maneuvered across different countries and cities to expand his portfolio and cuisine into different powerhouse restaurants seeking his talent. From the day to day in the kitchen to relocations and creativity with new staff and executive teams, Raymond has successfully been able to consistently adapt throughout his career to continue to grow and get to where he is today. Raymond went further stating “As we continue to see the world change we have to continue to adapt, especially with our current environment in the restaurant industry through the pandemic & variants.” 

Whats next for Chef Raymond Li 

Chef Raymond Li just recently joined Lost Boy & Co., a new hospitality group based out of Miami, as their new executive chef at  “Tropezon Miami” opening on Española Way located on South Beach, Miami. He pushes to continue to grow in his career but more importantly to give back to children like himself. A lot of the skills that have allowed Raymond to succeed in his career such as adaptation and entrepreneurship came from the tough upbringing that he had. He hopes to build a positive message for young adolescents that they can do something great with their lives and that they don’t have to get into trouble. Li went on to say “I want to be able to create an impact with people that haven’t had a great past so that they can catapult themselves to something great in life. Your Past does not dictate your future”.  To learn more about Chef Raymond li, click here


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