Learn how Greg Foreignauto is Changing the Exotic Automotive Repair Sector with RR Auto Group

Greg Foreignauto is an American Business professional and entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles, California. In Greg’s career he has successfully scaled and built one of the finest automotive repair and customization companies in the constituent United States. Greg has been able to collaborate with some of the largest names in entertainment servicing their needs for high end automotive repair and customization. To date he operates RR Auto Group, we sat down with Greg to learn more about the auto group and how Greg Foreignauto is changing the exotic repair sector.

What is RR Auto Group?

RR Auto Group is an American exotic automotive repair and customization company. The mission of the company is and has been to offer a hands on whiteglove consultative service with I-Car platinum care. The reason being is that Greg has often seen in his career in automotive that there are a lot of service providers across the nation that cut corners and take advantage of customers for additional profit. Greg has been able to position RR Auto Group as the number one service provider in all of Los Angeles for exotic auto repair and customizations stating “It all starts with the customer, not only do we offer a concierge style service but we also make all of our qualified customers family. We want you to feel confident and comfortable with our professional team and process.

What services does RR Auto Group offer for distressed accident inquiries?

RR Auto Groups executive team has designed a simple yet effective way to get an initial quote on automotive repair services for all makes and models but more specifically high end exotic vehicles. The service capabilities of RR Auto Group include all dents, collisions, & accidents, In addition to its service capabilities the company offers consultative assistance with insurance claims on vehicle repair quotes. In addition the company also offers 24/7 on-site towing for car accidents in Los Angeles, CA. Their service capabilities give a firm welcome and optimism for drivers that not only are their vehicles in great hands but also their worries throughout the process of an accident.

What is the future of RR Auto Group?

The future of RR Auto Group includes continuing to expand their market share and awareness in the marketplace as a the go to for all things exotic automotive repair and customization. Greg went on to say “Look we have grown year after year for the last 3 years, As we continue to grow over the next few years we are excited to expand new shops into the greater Los Angeles area to service more customers. As it is, we are already extremely busy not only with servicing but with staying up to date with the latest certifications and talent training to make sure that we as a company live up to our mission statement and conviction as a service provider.” To learn more about RR Auto Group and Greg Foreignauto, click here.


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