Learn About Paul Thomas Croft One of America’s Most successful CEOs & Thought leaders

Paul Thomas Croft is American Business Tycoon with operations in major sectors such as Accounting Services, Capital Solutions, Life Insurance, Financial Services, Green Renewable Energy & various other businesses such as — Restaurants & Night Clubs. In total, Croft has over 40 different businesses foreign & domestic that provide goods and services to many parts of the world. Croft has been able to find consistent success in the marketplace due to his passion for value creation. Croft views value creation as an altruistic business approach that has a focus on making sure the people you serve are always getting exceptional value. This can also be said within his organization(s) — Paul believes that everyone within his organizations should have valuable opportunities daily so that his team can thrive and reach their individual goals. 

To learn more about Paul Thomas Croft, we sat down with him to learn more about his thoughts on today’s marketplace as well as his tips for success in business. 

Croft Weighs In On What It Takes To Be Successful In Today’s Marketplace 

Paul Croft wants you to know that in order to succeed in today’s marketplace you need to understand one important factor & that is that the world is constantly changing. When gaging what opportunities are of interest as a new professional or someone looking to become self employed, Croft recommends finding something that is less likely to exponentially change in years to come. A great example of this is 

Croft’s involvement and growth within the Tax industry. Paul knew that his efforts and proven concepts he would end up developing would be ones that would last a long time in the marketplace, especially since regardless of the GDP Climate of the world people will always need professional tax services. 

Importance of Branding For New Organizations & Start Ups 

Paul is an advocate for organizational branding & its importance for all businesses to implement and focus on to succeed in today’s marketplace. Croft went on to mention: “For example if you are in the financial services industry and are starting a new business don’t try to copy another existing organization. Think about the things you may like or what aligns with you, it’s also very important to make sure your brand doesn’t cancel you out for future growth. What I mean by that is you should start a holding company or enterprise & use the brand to leverage into other sectors!” 

Importance of Personal Development & Goal Setting

The importance of journaling your goals and manifesting what you want to accomplish is incredibly important for success. Croft believes that those aspiring to succeed in business should write their goals down & review them as often as possible. Paul went on to mention: “Your dreams become your goals, only when you write them down. You must get into the habit of writing down what you wish to accomplish, reflecting on it, & then taking action towards achieving what you want.” Goals are a great way to move closer to what you want in any area of your life, but none of it matters without one important factor. Paul went on to say — “Having goals is great, writing them down even better, but without one important factor none of it matters. That important factor, if you’re wondering, is Hard Work.”

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