Leading the Charge in Water Efficiency the MIYA Water Way

Leading the Charge in Water Efficiency the MIYA Water Way
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Water scarcity is a pressing global issue, and the world faces a daunting crisis. In response, MIYA Water, has emerged as a pioneering force in water efficiency, paving the way for a water-secure future.

MIYA Water’s Battle Against Global Water Loss

Each year, approximately 126 billion cubic meters of water are lost worldwide, a volume equal to the combined freshwater usage of several European nations. This staggering loss incurs financial damages exceeding 180 billion USD and contributes to significant carbon dioxide emissions. Since its inception in 2007, MIYA Water has been addressing this crisis with a keen focus on managing Non-Revenue Water (NRW), a critical issue in both the developing and developed world.

MIYA Water’s groundbreaking work began with a project in Manila with Maynilad Water Services. In 2008, Maynilad was grappling with a loss of over two-thirds of its water supply. MIYA Water’s five-year intervention reduced this loss by half, substantially improving Maynilad’s operational efficiency and financial health. Following this success, MIYA has replicated this model in the Bahamas, Jamaica, Brazil, Portugal, and other regions.

Transforming Water Management with Innovation

Moreover, MIYA Water’s success is rooted in its innovative and holistic approach to water management. CEO Noam Komy stated, “Our goal is to reshape water utility operations globally.” This involves a unique output-based model, where MIYA Water commits to achieving specific targets financially, coupled with a comprehensive strategy that aligns all utility departments towards a common goal of minimizing water loss.

The impact of MIYA’s methods is far-reaching, enhancing operational efficiency, customer service, and environmental sustainability. These achievements underscore MIYA’s ability to effect systemic change in the water industry, establishing new benchmarks for water management excellence.

Leading a New Wave of Water Sustainability

Since 2022, the company has developed a project pipeline worth over 1 billion USD, signaling significant growth potential. This expansion mirrors MIYA Water’s expertise and dedication to a sustainable, water-secure future.

Komy, sharing his vision for the company’s future, reflected, “Our mission is to maximize water efficiency globally. As we expand, our focus remains on sustainable, long-term solutions for water conservation.” This vision goes beyond business growth to ensure global water security and accessibility.

MIYA Water’s journey highlights the power of innovation and commitment, a testament to the formidable impact that innovation and unwavering commitment can have in addressing one of the paramount environmental challenges facing the world today. At the core of MIYA Water’s success lies its ability to pioneer groundbreaking solutions that not only mitigate water loss but also set a new paradigm for sustainability in water management. 

Through groundbreaking solutions and a steadfast commitment to sustainability, MIYA Water is redefining water efficiency standards. As the global community confronts the challenges of water scarcity, MIYA Water’s model is a guiding example of how innovation and dedication can lead to impactful environmental solutions.



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