Lamar Romero’s Guide to Finding Your Business Niche

Lamar Romero's Guide to Finding Your Business Niche_2
Photo Courtesy: Lamar Romero

By: Joshua Finley

Great partners are the heart and soul of success. This belief has been central to Lamar Romero’s vision since he and his wife co-founded Hire Dragons in 2013. Their journey from humble beginnings to becoming a leading agency in the tasting industry is a testament to their perseverance, innovation, and dedication to their brand ambassadors.

The Birth of Hire Dragons

In 2011, Lamar Romero and his wife brokered a tequila deal in Austin, Texas, which became one of the top-selling tequilas in the city. Recognizing a niche in the market for knowledgeable brand ambassadors, they founded Hire Dragons the following year. Rejecting the industry norm of hiring young models, they recruited ambassadors with a passion for storytelling and a deep knowledge of their products.

Romero’s background in high tech and sales, combined with his wife’s experience in marketing and digital art, provided the perfect blend of skills to launch Hire Dragons. Their unique approach quickly garnered attention, and they soon became the go-to agency for story-driven beverage tastings. 

The Dragon Engagement Model

At the core of Hire Dragons’ success is what Romero calls the Dragon Engagement Model. This model focuses on hooking customers with compelling storytelling and emotionally closing sales within minutes. Romero conducted over a thousand tastings himself, honing this approach and ensuring its effectiveness.

“We treat our dragons, our brand ambassadors, as family,” Romero explains. “We develop them into sales and marketing roles, recognizing their potential beyond just pouring drinks.” This ethos drives Hire Dragons’ commitment to supporting its brand ambassadors and fostering a work environment where every team member feels valued and respected. Through comprehensive education programs and opportunities for advancement, Hire Dragons empowers its ambassadors to transition into sales and marketing roles, leveraging their expertise to drive business growth. 

Lamar Romero's Guide to Finding Your Business Niche
Photo Courtesy: Hire Dragons

 Tips for Success

Reflecting on Hire Dragons’ journey, Romero shares three key tips for entrepreneurial success: 

 Identify a Need

Romero highlights the importance of recognizing challenges and opportunities within the market. When he saw the limitations of traditional tasting agencies, he seized it as an opportunity to establish Hire Dragons. By identifying a gap in the market for knowledgeable and engaging brand ambassadors, Romero pinpointed a problem that ultimately propelled the company’s success. 

Find a Solution

With a problem identified, Romero and his wife devised a solution that would revolutionize the tasting industry. Drawing upon their respective backgrounds and experiences, they attacked their mission from an innovative approach, focusing on harnessing the power of storytelling to captivate customers and drive sales. 

Test the Solution

 Romero personally conducted over a thousand tastings, serving as a frontline tester for his business model. This hands-on approach allowed him to gather valuable feedback in real-time, identifying areas for improvement and fine-tuning his system to better meet the needs and preferences of customers. 

Looking to the Future

As Hire Dragons celebrates over a decade in the business, they have grown into a $2+ million company with 15 employees and a diverse portfolio of clients, including big names like Boston Beer Company, Devils River Whiskey, and 50 Cent’s Sire Spirits. Looking ahead, Romero envisions further expansion and a company exit while focusing on employee ownership. “We’re an employee-owned company,” Romero says. “All my employees have a stake in the company’s success and share in the rewards.” 

With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and the well-being of their team, Hire Dragons continues to soar to new heights in the beverage industry.

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