Kymaletha Brown Inspiring the Next Generation of Leaders and Improving Health Care

It is no doubt that the Shawn Fair Leadership Experience Tour is steadily churning out some of the best speakers and leaders in the motivational speaking industry. Not only does contact with Shawn guarantee exponential growth, but students who are directly under his tutelage are also some of the best emerging leaders in the industry. One of the direct beneficiaries of Shawn’s teaching is Kymaletha Brown. 

As a member of Forbes Coaches Council and the Shawn Fair Leadership Experience Tour and as an expert in transformational therapy, she uses both platforms to empower young girls and women with the aim of helping them transform into their divine self. She also uses her story to encourage women to “make better choices” if they want to have a successful life.  

Kymaletha Brown is the founder and coordinator of Goddess Great, a non-profit 501c(3) status organization where the mission is to help families thrive. They function as a state registered Maternal Infant Health Program offering home based services for women and children to improve their health through childbirth education, breastfeeding nutrition education, community resources, safe sleep, and car seat safety classes. 

Kymaletha is also the owner of The Great Divine Center LLC, where the goal is to inspire women to discover their powers within and overcome all fear that is related to transitioning into motherhood. According to Kymaletha, the focus is on positive prenatal and postpartum care by offering doula support, Hypnobirthing education, clinical mental health counseling, placenta encapsulation, dance, yoga, and meditation classes. The Great Divine Center LLC is the first black-owned women’s wellness center in Detroit, Michigan that provides all these services. It is a one stop shop for mental, physical and emotional health. 

Despite being a young speaker, Kymaletha has displayed signs of becoming a notable speaker with the potential to bring value to the next generation. Kymaletha has shown that she can make an impact on the stage.  

Kymaletha has used her past experiences as encouragement to start her businesses and shape her career path. It was a moment where she lost everything that she worked so hard for and had to start over. As she offers a wide range of services, she would like her target audience to understand that, “We are the creative force of our life. No matter what life throws your way it’s your choice to either get hit and stay down or get out the way and keep pushing forward” 

She believes her story will help individuals know the importance of making better choices and understanding how relationships with the wrong people can cost them their future.

On what separates her from her competition, she says, “I am my client, I was once in their shoes, so when getting any of my services it doesn’t always come from a place of knowledge it comes from my own experiences .” 

According to Kymaletha, her motivation to build her range of businesses came after realizing how strong she was at surviving every challenge that life threw at her. Surviving her pregnancy and childbirth and successfully breastfeeding her son was all the divine call that she needed to try and be there for other women. 

In the next five years, Kymaletha sees her company creating job opportunities, empowering men and women and helping families thrive. She would also like to expand community connections by establishing partnerships with relevant authorities and organizations to assist low-income families. In her words, “I am doing this for my community and my goal is to help all individuals connect to their divine purpose.” She also sees herself speaking across the world on topics such as: understanding mental health as it relates to prenatal and postpartum disorders, making women aware of birth rights, teaching the law of self value and making better choices.  

Learn more about Kymaletha and her teachings by clicking this link or following her on Linkedin. 


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