Ken Hurley Discusses Regulatory Strategy Options

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Regulatory strategy and the value of labor relations and HR management are highly significant in most, if not all, industries. Ken Hurley, Kellogg‘s former VP of HR and Labor Relations work, allows him to meet the needs of companies in that industry so that they can move forward on new operations and procedures.

Having the right support can be a high factor for success in industries with tight regulations, as can having the right information. He provides both aspects through consulting and has served the labor relations and HR areas for years to address significant challenges.

Providing Highly Capable Strategy Options

By providing a wide range of options for strategy and support, Ken can expand his knowledge base and abilities to meet the needs of the industry better. The comprehensive nature of contract research services and the careful consideration of strategy to meet regulatory guidelines culminate in higher levels of success.

He works with the evolution of the development process as it continues to grow, change, and expand. Companies looking to meet their development goals and regulatory requirements turn to Hurley to understand their options and opportunities.

Regulatory System Requirements

As Ken Hurley Kellogg’s former VP of HR and Labor Relations aims to offer quality service promptly, allowing companies to advance their plans. With that said, he also knows that documented processes and consistency are required to meet regulatory needs.

Companies that focus on their strategy while addressing legal and regulatory requirements can generally move forward faster and more efficiently than companies that don’t emphasize this compromise. He works closely with every company that must meet compliance goals and milestones.

Dedicated to Advancing Company Goals

For years, Ken has focused on HR and labor relations for major corporations in the United States. He knows the value of getting the job done for his clients but also understands the significance of meeting regulatory requirements.

Right out of high school, he showed a keen interest and ability in this field. In college, he found his purpose and focused his efforts on a BA in political science and a Juris Doctorate. He competed on a negotiation team, which helped him hone his skills and truly recognize the value of strategizing and finding common ground.

By bringing his education and experience to the table and coupling that with a thorough understanding of regulatory requirements, he can create strategic opportunities that lead to the completion of significant and complex deals. Over his career, he has become a household name in the HR industry.

Ken Hurley‘s willingness to work openly with everyone involved in negotiations and strategy has allowed him to complete deals and move companies’ goals forward in the best way possible. His work means more companies will get the options they need to develop and implement a regulatory strategy they can use to increase their success.


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