Juceno Launches New Venture Dabuzzz Media to Give Creators and Entrepreneur a Shot at the Spotlight

Having done it all as an entertainment personality, Juceno understands that the hallmark of every creator is gaining as much exposure and publicity as possible. This spurred him to launch his new venture, Dabuzzz Media, a platform that offers features on creators in music, fashion, pop culture, sports and breaking news.

Juceno is a veteran in the entertainment industry who has made his mark as a fashion designer, entrepreneur, and media personality. He has followed all his creative passions and satisfied his thirst to fulfill his dreams and visions as someone who wishes to share himself with the world. However, after doing virtually everything, there is no stopping him from achieving more, and now, with his new venture, he wants to create a launchpad for creators in the entertainment scene.

Dabuzzz Media is a platform created to highlight up-and-coming creators and businesses to get all the exposure they need to kickstart their journeys. The company is stepping in to curb the need for these up and coming creators to pay to get featured in major publications. “Usually, people have to know or pay someone who has connections to get featured in major publications. At Dabuzzz Media, we specialize in covering the small and unconnected market. Dabuzzz Media targets people who would like to see creators and hear their stories,” Juceno explained.

The platform aims to give every entertainer in the business an equal opportunity to connect with the world through articles, reviews, vlogs, and trending topics. “We care about the small-time creator just like we care about the A-list celebrities. We do our research to ensure our credibility is not in question, and we are consistent by putting out quality content regularly,” Jueceno said.

The Queens, New York-born and raised entertainment entrepreneur was motivated to launch Dabuzzz Media from his desire to help people toot their horns. Juceno values word-of-mouth a lot and realized over the course of his journey in entertainment that many people get the road paved for them because somebody talked about them to other people. Also, his love for being a source of information as a media personality influenced his decision to float the company. “With this brand, I can do everything I love doing and contribute positively to the world while at it,” he said.

While Dabuzzz Media is still in its infancy stage, Juceno is ready to hit the ground running and start connecting with as many upcoming creators and entertainers as possible. He wants to create awareness for the new brand and get people to know that there’s a new platform accessible for all and sundry and will go all the way out to give them what they need to succeed.

Over the next few years, the goal is to make Dabuzzz Media the number one source of what’s hot and important in the entertainment world. Juceno also hopes to change people’s lives through the platform by getting them into the spotlight and turning their stories around for good.


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