Jessica Armstrong: The Life Coach Bringing Sustainable Success to the Real Estate Industry

Jessica Armstrong
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While its popularity among men and women alike is skyrocketing, it’s fair to say the world of life coaching is sizeable. It’s impossible for the title to truly represent the diverse array of life coaches who specialize in entirely different walks of, well, life. From entrepreneurial mentors who can scale your business to lifestyle gurus who can help you find your purpose, there’s something for everybody on the self-improvement scene.

It turns out that includes real estate agents, too. While Jessica Armstrong has experience helping women overcome the self-doubt that prevents them from reaching their full potential, she’s also at home in the property sphere. Among Jessica’s valuable offerings are unique workshops, mindset practices, and virtual courses, ready and waiting for those aiming for a prosperous future in real estate and beyond.

Jessica is a certified life coach passionate about helping women find their purpose and success. Her wellness business, Jessica Armstrong Co., was created to share her experience, skills, tools, and practices to help those struggling to reach the next level in their personal and professional lives.

Passionate about purpose

With a lifetime of experience, including past traumas, travels, lessons learned, successes earned, and a long-standing healing and loving spirit, Jessica has made a business connecting with women who are stuck on their journey. As the ‘Aha’ Coach, Jessica works with unfulfilled women striving to break down boundaries and thrive. She brings out deep, transformative awareness through gentle guidance, asking powerful questions, and utilizing intuition. 

Jessica’s goal is to create a movement of healthier mindsets, connections, and intuitions within the individual and expand it into our communities and societies. Jessica believes it takes a village to heal, and as women are the foundation of our society, the healthier and more empowered they are, the bigger impact on us all. 

Real real estate insight

While Jessica Armstrong has sparks of creativity all over her business, the life coach comes into her own in the property sector. Before now, real estate has seen a severe drought of mentors with genuine experience building a life and career in property. Through her time leading a real estate transaction coordination business, Jessica has that. Now, she aims to be a one-stop shop for aspirationally-minded agents.

“I have a long history working with real estate agents, and I’m very familiar with the industry,” Jessica explained. “I understand what they go through day-to-day, and I get what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in the industry as a woman. When you mix that with my experience as a life coach, leader, and mentor, it makes real estate agents my ideal client.”

Property professionals might also benefit from Jessica’s online offerings. Agents worldwide can access her services anytime, including videos, guides, and email availability.

A voice for the voiceless

In addition to her work with her clients, Jessica interviews and shares others’ stories, including under-represented realities and truths people can connect to. She listens to what others have gone through and draws parallels between their backgrounds and the battles of others. Notably, she includes people dealing with real everyday trauma due to not being accepted by society, such as trans people and the LGBTQ+ community, in the pursuit of awareness and acceptance.

Her focus on her clients’ personal journeys sets Jessica apart from her competitors. Her role is to love them unconditionally as they are, guide them through powerful questions, prompt self-discovery through practices, and hold a safe space for them.

The life coach believes that manifestation can’t arrive without motivation, and motivation can’t arrive without momentum, so she starts with the latter, and the rest follows organically. She has become known for unique workshops, incorporating various healers and speakers for a transformative experience whose impact sustains long into the future. Her hope is to make her business more than a service—a place to become empowered and find your inner leader.

With plans to launch a mentorship program, there’s no sign of slowing in the Jessica Armstrong camp. All her plans can’t be revealed at once—the life coach is dedicated to growing her business organically before broadening its horizons. What’s certain is that many women and real estate agents can benefit from her unwavering mission right now.


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