Jacoby Mondy Shares How to Build a Breakthrough E-Commerce Agency

E-commerce is on the rise, but the industry has also become highly competitive, especially among consultants and business coaches. Despite the tight competition, Jacoby Mondy has cemented his brand, Digital Brandz, as one of the top e-commerce agencies in the Atlanta region and other parts of the country. 

Jacoby started his digital empire quite humbly back in 2015 alongside his business partner, Michael. After leaving his job as a car salesman,  Jacoby wanted to test out the possibilities of creating an e-commerce website-building business. He offered his services for free to established personalities and celebrities, hoping to land a major case study. For months, they sent out proposals to potential clients but never got word back from any of them. After sending out many direct messages and screenshots of websites to hundreds of celebrities, one finally returned to the freshman entrepreneurs and gave Jacoby and Michael a shot.

The first project Digital Brandz ever landed was one with serial entrepreneur Premadonna, who was already making six-figure sales on digital platforms before they started working together. Jacoby architected her website and introduced new technology and tools that would help bring in more sales and conversions to the business. At the end of the contract, Premadonna’s online store put up eight-figure sales. 

Since then, Jacoby and Digital Brandz have worked with a slew of some of the biggest names in business and entertainment, including 2Chainz, Cardi B, Jluxlabel, Prettylittlethings, Shay Johnson, Derrick Jackson, Draya Michelle, Ming Lee, Alonzo Arnold, B. Simone, and many others. In hindsight, Jacoby Mondy looks back to the setbacks he had early on when starting his business and understands that it’s part of the process. Amid the disappointment and rejection, they persevered and stayed determined to find resources, tools, and strategies that would help scale their business by helping other people scale theirs. Through the years, Jacoby has discovered many processes that would create more e-commerce results for brands and help them increase their revenues without fail. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Digital Brandz would have a bittersweet year as they would experience immense growth but watch many other businesses in the Atlanta, Georgia area and around the country struggle. However, this experience would motivate Jacoby Mondy to share his expertise with other business owners to help their businesses adopt digital solutions to survive and thrive amidst the global crisis.

More than business success, Jacoby finds fulfillment in seeing other people around him succeed. He provides free Zoom sessions and tons of digital content that teach people all he has learned through the years as an expert digital marketing, designer, and e-commerce specialist. As a result, thousands of business owners—both aspiring and existing—have benefited from the wealth of knowledge and tactics he shares generously to anyone willing to learn. 

Nowadays, most graphic design and website businesses have a lifespan of three years before losing traction. However, Digital Brandz has continued to grow every year since it launched seven years ago. Jacoby has the vision to take his company to even greater heights in the coming years and continue impacting people’s lives by providing better business results that bring more freedom for his clients and students. 

Learn more about Jacoby by visiting his Instagram profile or check out his free training sessions at www.koolestnerdever.com. If you’re interested in becoming a customer of Digital Brandz, check out their official website.


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