Interview with Atilio Spaccarotella, CEO and founder of Rene Health

Interview with Atilio Spaccarotella, CEO and founder of Rene Health
Photo Credited to Rene Health

Interviewer: How did you begin in this industry?

Interviewee: I started my journey in healthcare and tech at a young age. My first startup was an appointment booking solution platform aimed at helping individuals connect with healthcare providers and hospitals. We created a comprehensive solution from scratch, including electronic health record management, online prescription services, and telemedicine.

Interviewer: What does your company currently do?

Interviewee: Our company’s primary focus is to ensure safe and secure travel experiences. We’ve developed an app that assists travelers in finding the most suitable travel insurance for their trips. Additionally, we provide access to medical services globally, along with safety information and travel advisories. We collaborate with companies, agencies, and individual travelers from around the world.

Interviewer: What inspired you to start your current company?

Interviewee: I founded this company after a personal experience where I had an accident while traveling. This incident left me with a staggering $12,000 medical bill that my travel insurance company didn’t cover. I was determined to ensure that no one else had to go through such an ordeal.

Interviewer: What was the biggest challenge you faced when getting started?

Interviewee: Raising funds and gaining the attention of major players in the insurance industry were our most significant challenges in the early stages.

Interviewer: How did you raise funds for your startup?

Interviewee: We were fortunate enough to participate in some of the top accelerator programs in the US. This allowed us to hone our pitching skills and establish valuable connections with investors. Subsequently, we secured funding from Silicon Valley venture capitalists, raising a total of approximately one million dollars. These funds were instrumental in launching our operations in the US and developing our product.

Interviewer: What does the future look like for Rene?

Interviewee: Our mission is to ensure the safety of travelers worldwide during their journeys. To deliver the highest level of service, we are planning to evolve into an insurance company. This will enable us to issue our own policies and provide exceptional support when it comes to handling claims. One of our innovative features is an AI monitoring system that automatically detects changes in a traveler’s itinerary and instantly processes and pays out claims.

Interviewer: Who is your target audience?

Interviewee: We are committed to assisting people all over the world, but to reach even more individuals, we are forming partnerships with agencies. We offer them a branded app and branded communications, enhancing their relationship with their customers while delivering added value.

Interviewer: How can interested individuals or potential partners get in touch with you?

Interviewee: I’d be delighted to connect with potential partners and fellow entrepreneurs. You can reach out to me through my LinkedIn profile, Atilio Spaccarotella, or visit our website at


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