Inspirational Female Leaders Of Healthcare: Sofia Bertling of UTI-lizer: An Interview Series

Inspirational Female Leaders Of Healthcare: Sofia Bertling of UTI-lizer: An Interview Series
Photo Credited to Sofia Bertling

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, where challenges are as abundant as opportunities, one woman stands out as a beacon of inspiration. Sofia Bertling, the CEO of UTI-lizer, a company focused on revolutionizing bacterial diagnosis by offering testing at the patient’s point of need, shares her insights on the industry and the steps needed to create groundbreaking medical diagnostic products.

How did she begin in this industry?

Sofias’s journey into the healthcare industry started in a research institute, where she was thrilled by the challenges the industry presented and driven to find innovative solutions. Her initial exposure to the complexities of healthcare ignited a passion that would shape her career.

How has her personal journey influenced your perception of this industry?

Raised in an entrepreneurial family with a profound commitment to customer-centered research, Sofia developed a unique perspective on the industry. This background fueled her dedication to creating solutions that not only met business needs but, more importantly, addressed the concerns and well-being of patients.

A narrative about the challenges she encountered at the beginning of your journey and whether she contemplated quitting.

Sofia reflects on the challenges of targeting general practitioners as payers and patients as the primary beneficiaries of UTI-lizer. Shifting from working with specialist healthcare, Sofia took on the challenge of capturing the attention and interest of GPs amidst their hectic daily routines. Despite the challenges of implementing innovation in healthcare, Sofia’s commitment to making a difference for patients and the future of healthcare kept her from ever considering quitting.

What drives her to keep growing in this industry every day even when things can be frustrating?

For Sofia, the unwavering focus on patients and the healthcare professionals going the extra mile serves as daily motivation. The human aspect, the impact on people’s lives, propels her forward even when faced with frustration.

What does she feel has been her ‘career-defining’ moment? And how did it impact her life?

Sofia identifies her career-defining moments as being given the trust to take on the CEO position and various board positions. These opportunities allowed her to contribute to long-term visions and enact meaningful changes beyond the industry’s immediate challenges.

Why did she start the company?

UTI-lizer was born out of Sofia’s and the other two founders, Emre Iseri and Wouter van der Wijngaarts desire to make a change for patients and contribute to the future of healthcare by combating antibiotic resistance. The company’s mission is centered around fast and accurate diagnosis, supporting the correct treatment of urinary tract infections.

How does her company differentiate from other companies in your industry?

UTI-lizer distinguishes itself by being heavily research-oriented and focusing relentlessly on the patient by offering diagnostics at the point of need. This approach sets the company apart, emphasizing a commitment to innovation that benefits those in need.

What pain point does her company help solve?

UTI-lizer addresses the urgent need for fast UTI diagnosis, supporting the correct treatment and fighting the overconsumption of antibiotics—a crucial factor in the global battle against antibiotic resistance.

How does her company help people?

By enabling swift and accurate diagnosis, UTI-lizer is pivotal in supporting correct treatment plans, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Are there any specific team-building activities or approaches she’s found particularly beneficial in her career?

Sofia highlights the importance of daily focus meetings in a distributed team. These activities facilitate communication, support, and a shared understanding of each team member’s challenges.

What role does she feel she has in her company? How does she feel it makes an impact?

As the experienced seeker, Sofia plays a crucial role in finding the best product-market fit and building the initial team for this startup. Her impact is felt not only in the company’s success but also in contributing to positive changes in healthcare.

In conclusion, Sofia Bertling’s journey in the healthcare industry is a testament to perseverance, innovation, and a deep commitment to improving patients’ lives. UTI-lizer’s focus on research and patient-centric solutions positions it as a trailblazer in the fight against urinary tract infections and antibiotic resistance. As Sofia continues to lead the charge, her story serves as an inspiration for aspiring leaders in the healthcare sector.


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