Innovative Dental Solutions in Tijuana: Dental del Puerto Leads with Advanced Technology

Innovative Dental Solutions in Tijuana: Dental del Puerto Leads with Advanced Technology
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Tijuana, Mexico, has recently become home to an extraordinary dental facility, Dental del Puerto, spearheaded by the visionary Dr. Santiago Ortiz Ruiz. This clinic is not merely a center for dental care; it stands as a testament to the fusion of a rich heritage in dental expertise with cutting-edge technologies, establishing itself as a beacon of modern dentistry. For Dr. Ortiz, dentistry transcends a mere profession; it is a familial legacy deeply woven into the fabric of his upbringing.

Growing up amidst the influences of both his parents, who were seasoned dentists, Dr. Ortiz found particular inspiration in his father’s active dental practice. This early exposure, coupled with a childhood enriched with experiences in both sports and dentistry, laid the foundation for his eventual career in the field. Dr. Ortiz’s journey in dentistry commenced at a prestigious dental school in Guadalajara, Mexico. Despite encountering initial challenges and briefly venturing into alternative paths, his commitment to dentistry remained unshakable. Returning with renewed focus, he excelled in his studies and specialized in prosthodontics, honing his skills in veneers, implants, and full-mouth rehabilitations. Notably, his distinctiveness lies in his embrace of digital dentistry, encompassing intraoral scanning, 3D design, and printing, setting him apart as a pioneer in the field.

Dental del Puerto in Tijuana stands as a living embodiment of Dr. Ortiz’s dedication and foresight. Outfitted with state-of-the-art 3D printers and scanners, the clinic offers advanced dental services with a particular emphasis on porcelain veneers, showcasing Dr. Ortiz’s expertise in digital design and facial aesthetics. The clinic’s innovative approach involves seamlessly combining 3D scans with extraoral and intraoral pictures to custom-tailor veneers that not only enhance smiles but harmonize with the patient’s entire face. Beyond its technological prowess, Dental del Puerto distinguishes itself through a patient-centric philosophy. Prior to finalizing any treatment, patients have the unique opportunity to preview and test 3D-printed versions of their veneers, ensuring utmost satisfaction and precision in fit. This meticulous process significantly reduces the need for subsequent adjustments, thereby elevating the overall patient experience.

While the clinic excels in veneer treatment, its services span a broad spectrum, encompassing comprehensive dental care, full-arch implant solutions, and standard procedures such as bonding, cleaning, and whitening. Dr. Ortiz’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in dentistry is unwavering. He consistently explores and integrates the latest, most efficient technologies into the clinic’s practices, ensuring that Dental del Puerto not only leads in dental innovation but also provides unparalleled care and service to its patients.



Calle Rufino Tamayo, Dr. Atl 9990, Esquina, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, B.C Seventh Floor

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