Empowering the Next Generation: Free Courses in Information Technology for Nigerian Youth

Information Technology
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Precious Oshideko is a man on a mission. He founded Arete-Zale Consulting, fueled by his vision to empower the youth. With the goal of fostering the growth and development of young Nigerians by granting them access to free training and mentorship in information technology courses like cybersecurity, cloud computing, and project management, this self-starter creates long-term solutions and opens more opportunities for success, thus allowing the next generation of Nigerian youth to build their futures. Over 2000 young graduates have registered for the first edition of the training and mentorship program, with 90% of them starting the various courses as beginners. Arete-Zale Consulting, with dedicated Nigerian professionals in the diaspora, are offering this service to support and build the future of the youths in their home country Nigeria.

Precious Oshideko has worked as a Vice President in one of the Fortune 100 companies, and he has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a relentless drive for excellence. This drive is exemplified by his pursuit of advanced education, including an MBA from the University of Phoenix and currently running a Doctorate program in Business Administration with a specialization in Information Systems and Enterprise Resource Management, which further solidifies his position as a leader in the field.

As an Information Technology Auditor, Precious possesses a keen ability to identify and resolve complex issues. Through his work, he recognized that the availability of training using the right materials and tools was impeding the growth of the Nigerian youth and affecting them in terms of competing on a global scale for remote job opportunities. In response, he established Arete-Zale Consulting, a firm dedicated to delivering comprehensive training in Information Technology, Project Management, and Cloud Computing, as well as soft skills development programs, to empower young individuals to achieve their full potential. 

Precious is now calling on American and British corporate entities to consider the Nigerian market as an opportunity for the expansion of remote outsource labor. “Companies in America should look at the opportunity of setting up hubs in Nigeria and employing remote workers. This will invariably reduce the unemployment rate in Nigeria,” he said. He further explained that through his company’s dedication to providing free training on cybersecurity, project management, cloud computing and other essential soft skills, the Nigerian youth are better equipped with the qualifications needed to secure and be competent in remote jobs. 

Precious also actively engages in philanthropic endeavors through the Precious Oshideko Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to empower underprivileged communities in remote regions of Africa by providing essential resources such as food and shelter, as well as organizing skills development workshops. Notably, the foundation recently made a significant contribution by constructing and donating a greenhouse facility to the Plant Science Department of Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ogun State, Nigeria.

With a vision to create a more socially-conscious world, Precious hopes to inspire both government and private organizations to join him in his quest for positive change. Through his initiatives, he aims to instill a sense of passion, hope, and dreams in the Nigerian youth.


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