“I Was A Hot Mess,” Jackie Woodside’s Journey From Therapist to Executive Coach

“I Was A Hot Mess,” Jackie Woodside’s Journey From Therapist to Executive Coach
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Jackie Woodside is not your typical coach. Merging the worlds of spiritual growth and executive coaching, she offers a unique perspective that transcends traditional boundaries. With roots in psychotherapy and a passion kindled by personal transformation, Jackie’s journey serves as both inspiration and a roadmap for those seeking abundance in all aspects of life. Dive into the world of Jackie Woodside, where soul meets strategy.

Finding Her Own Healing

Jackie’s story didn’t start with an epiphany about financial and spiritual guidance. It began in the streets of Rochester, New York, where she was drawn to a unique community. What started as a chance encounter with a deaf individual in a local bar turned into finding her life partner and set the stage for her later work in helping people find their voices and express their inner truths. 

Over time, her personal and professional life went through various transformations, however, her life took a different route following a Unity Church service when she encountered a profound Gnostic quote: “If you bring forward what is within you, it will save you; if you do not bring forth what is within you, it will destroy you.” This revelation stirred something deep within her, prompting Jackie to take a leap of faith and leave her comfortable private practice as a psychotherapist and coach.

The journey wasn’t always easy. She grappled with homelessness, depression, PTSD, addiction, and rocky relationships. But she emerged resilient and found her true calling, transitioning from a comfortable psychotherapist role to a spiritual and executive coach. Jackie admits, “I originally went into therapy because I was a hot mess.” 

What Sets Jackie Apart

Jackie’s approach is a blend of no-nonsense guidance and deep spiritual empowerment. She challenges individuals to identify how the spirit wants to express itself within them and how they might be resisting that call. Drawing from her own experience, Jackie believes in training the mind to master the brain. While acknowledging the neurological and psychological biases that play against us, she emphasizes the higher connection of the mind with the spirit.

Finding Your Soul Print

For her clients, Jackie defines success as an expression of one’s ‘soulprint’ – the unique vibrational properties each individual brings to the world. Whether it’s a company aspiring to grow or an individual seeking peace in relationships, success is about the resonance of one’s essence.

Her path, while marked by challenges and personal struggles, ultimately led her to a place of profound spiritual growth and a unique approach to coaching. In her own life, Jackie views success as a combination of increased influence, income, and impact. With ambitions of a seven-figure income and retirement, she has ambitious goals to live life on her own terms while making a tangible difference in the world. 

Dive deeper into Jackie Woodside’s teachings and start your journey towards true abundance by visiting her website or following her on LinkedIn.


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