Humanitarian Diplomacy Is the Key to Peace And Harmony

By Kamel Ghribi, Executive Chairman ECAM Council

Humanitarian diplomacy is persuading decision makers and leaders to always act in the interest of vulnerable and economically dependent people, keeping in sight the fundamental humanitarian principles. Discussions must be held with intent to change opinions towards a positive common objective.

I may sound repetitive but this is only to emphasize the importance of a regional economic future which is only possible, in my opinion, through sensible, focused, and fair talks.

Humanitarian diplomacy includes: advocating, negotiating, communicating and certain other measures. I have always been passionate and aggressively involved in this field throughout my career, which includes governments, international organizations, NGOs, the private sector and often through direct contact with influential individuals. There may be endless keywords, but I’m always drawn towards dialogue, diplomacy, and good judgment. This is not about religion, history, or culture nor is it a battle between evil versus good. This is bigger than that, as it is for the greater good for all mankind.

One of my daily challenges as the president of GKSD investment holding and chairman of ECAM council is to witness conversations where opposing views are usually the starting point. I always believe in hearing all sides, so it becomes clear as to what will persuade them to see things my way, keeping in mind my personal beliefs.

We have not faced a conflict in recent times like the one we face today. NATO headed by the United States has to for the first time decide whether to protect or partake. Whether it is an invasion or a conflict, there are always casualties on both sides. There will be no winner but two nations that will have to rebuild and reset.

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