Howard Hughes III Empowering Real Estate Investors and Showing Them How It’s Done

Overcoming the circumstances of his background, Howard Hughes III has made a significant difference by making something of himself and laying the foundations for others to do the same. As the CEO and Founder of Howard Hughes Consulting, he has enjoyed massive success in the business world. Now, he’s on a new journey of impacting the world through personal and professional inspiration. He is well-known as a commercial real estate/business broker, a high net worth wealth manager, a motivational speaker, and very recently, a best-selling author.

As a wealth manager, Howard Hughes III manages between $3 million and $3 billion of investment capital from private equity groups. With over ten years of experience being an equity partner in more than 15 businesses and real estate projects, his reputation as an expert has been established. Becoming who he is today is a long journey of not letting his background get in the way of his dreams and aspirations. Despite growing up in a disenfranchised community, Howard got the chance to get away and do something for himself when he went away to college. He earned his college degree and has proven that he can be much more than where he came from.

Howard Hughes III’s work in real estate entails a wide range of developments and collaborations with property management companies. His status as a best-selling author was certified with his recently released book titled Turning your Ordinary Business into a Successful Empire. The book’s sales have surpassed expectations for a new author, and many universities in the United States have adopted it into their learning curriculum. At Howard Hughes Consulting, property management companies, investors, developers build their brands and learn how to take their businesses to the next level. Howard Hughes Consulting also facilitates merging acquisitions and the establishment of trust accounts for these developers and investors.

Howard Hughes Consulting is, on the one hand, passionate about real estate development while at the same time taking care of the financial aspects. Building his business and empire to this point was a conscious effort for Howard. He actively walked away from the corporate world to establish his business and vowed to never return. Since he found success in his business, he has taken up the baton of inspiring and impacting the world professionally and personally. He uses motivational speaking to develop underserved communities. He also inspires others to awaken the untapped potential that lies within and to rise to the occasion of their personal vision.

Howard Hughes III has plans to take his message worldwide to inspire entrepreneurs to never give up and focus on their dreams so they can improve lives around them. His five-year goal is to become a powerful force in the global real estate industry and to help real estate players find success regardless of the limitations around them. Howard Hughes III’s story is an inspiring one, capable of instilling the power of self-belief in anybody. He never holds back when empowering people, and he has no plans to stop.

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