How Zohaib Shah Established DaRucci Leather as One of the Most Elite Brands in Outerwear

A father’s influence can go a long way and spark an inspiration to his children, who set him as a standard for their adult lives. Whether it is their career or their character, great men set an example for the next generation. Zohaib Shah is an individual whose father became the standard he set out to become. Receiving his full support in each venture he took, Zo eventually struck gold when he created the famous brand Darucci Leather.

Born and raised in Pakistan, Zohaib Shah would find himself moving to the land of freedom at the age of thirteen. His family arrived in the United States to chase after the American dream and find better opportunities. However, like most families, they would find themselves on a tumultuous journey. Along the road, they faced struggles that challenged them. It was make or break for the Shah family.

Despite the hurdles and squalls, Zo refused to accept any of the negative options that came his way. Looking at his father for inspiration, he and his family endured. As he grew older, Zo’s aspired to create a better life for himself and his family. He shared his goals with his father, who supported him and strived to push Zo towards his dream.

Zohaib Shah sought guidance from family members who already established their own businesses to ensure that he was on the right track. He also received some help from a trusted friend, starting with a small loan that would push him to start his career as a wholesaler. Sales began to rise in his parents’ shops throughout the tri-state area. 

In 2013, Zo established DaRucci Leather, a product line that creates jackets for men, women, and children. Their corporation blueprint manufactures and distributes its own signature designs. DaRucci Leather brings together the corporate fashion world and the general public by allowing individuals to purchase their apparel products, customize, or improvise pre-existing apparel. Customers can freely modify their fur color or change the zipper placement. They also get the freedom to add features to express their personalities.

When Zo experienced an upscaling in pricing for his coats, he decided to pull the plug on his partnership with other shops. He would open the doors to his own store in 2015, intent on creating something that would stand out from other shops in the business. The decision proved to be a fruitful one as more opportunities opened up, which he never imagined.

Since setting up the store, DaRucci Leather has made waves with the market. While their products are the main event, most people are surprised and impressed that the brand handcrafts and manufactures their own coats out of their facilities. Some of the music industry’s biggest names were drawn to DaRucci, including French Montana, Fetty Wap, and 50 Cent. Zohaib Shah hopes that with his products making the rounds in the market, he will achieve his goal and become a household name when it comes to outerwear brands.

Learn more about DaRucci Leather by visiting their official website. You can also find them posting updates on their latest releases on Facebook and Instagram.


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