How Transformation Mentor Shay Olivia Guides Women Toward Mental and Financial Success

In order to achieve success and prosperity, going through change is necessary. However, it can be very difficult for many to pursue it by themselves. After all, it is incredibly challenging to unlearn long-term held beliefs and replace them with new practices. Fortunately, the wise Shay Olivia has dedicated herself to helping these struggling individuals become the best version of themselves.

She is a woman of multiple designations who has dedicated her talents to guiding fellow women in transforming their lives. First off, the remarkable individual is an internationally published author in psychosomatic healing, stress, and depression Studies. She is also a keynote speaker, talk show, and radio host advocating women’s empowerment. 

As a success coach, her focus is primarily geared toward helping her mentees heal and grow from the injustices they have experienced, such as familial abuse and domestic narcissism. She leveraged her expertise and developed intuitive courses, coaching programs, and books. 

One thing that makes Shay Olivia stand apart from her peers is her genuine passion for her vocation. As the inspiring mentor insightfully explained, “My special brand characteristic is daily accountability. So that go-between from therapy sessions or other coaches that just meet with you weekly, daily accountability is where it’s at. Accountability forces your deepest desires to become real. A simple plan of tasks executed systematically becomes a subset or milestones that ultimately establish your dreams and wildest goals. Every goal can be measured by your effort toward it, hence, your progress.”

On top of being a champion for mental health, she also equips clients with essential business knowledge, primarily via real estate, which will lead them to financial wealth. Throughout her career of 15 years, she has already coached thousands of women on how to adopt new daily habits that result in a healthier physical body and less physical and emotional stress.

Shay Olivia has undoubtedly solidified her reputation as an industry authority. She considers her painful past to be a significant contributor that helped her become a highly effective and empathic coach. She proudly shared, “As a victim and overcomer of psychological, familial, spiritual, physical and financial abuse, I now help thousands of women take action and break free from mental slavery, narcissist bondage and financial drought!”

As a testament to her unrivaled success, she has launched five lucrative businesses to date with over $1 million in revenue. However, beyond any personal accolades, she considers the victories of her mentees as her most significant achievement. For example, she was monumental in helping her clients have an accelerated business launch, with many of them already up and running in just three days.

Moving forward, Shay Olivia intends to continue her legacy of women empowerment and transformation. In fact, when asked what her plan for the future is, she optimistically answered, “Changing lives of thousands of women to break cycles, reinvent, and climax in all areas of their lives after emotional abuse, narcissistic or addict relationships, and family abuse.”


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