How to successfully run a real estate team with Kevin Lee – CEO of InsightfulREI

In today’s market, breaking into the real estate industry can be compared to the Hunger Games, meaning every person for themselves. Because of this, many realtors realize that establishing a successful real estate team can become a seemingly unfathomable feat. However, having a thorough strategy, proper guidance, and the right people can highly improve a realtor’s chances of success. To get the insider’s secrets, we went straight to the source and interviewed the founder and CEO of InsightfulREI.

Kevin Lee has been in real estate full-time since 2017. His experience as an investor and entrepreneur has enabled him to create a successful business model that focuses on helping people sell their homes quickly and without hassle. So, naturally, we asked him what makes a successful leader.

“I’m a leader because I’m here to serve you. And that’s what sets a good leader apart from a bad one. We’re not leading by force. We’re leading by example.” – Kevin Lee.

Lee infuses accountability and integrity into every aspect of his life and business. He believes exhibiting honesty and trustworthiness helps foster relationships based on more than monetary gain – the key is doing right by people to uphold your reputation as an honest professional within this field. Lee holds his team members to the same standards and supports them by holding a weekly meeting dedicated to discussing each team member’s agenda, commitments, and goals. 

InsightfulREI CEO believes mindset plays a huge role in the life of each team member as an individual and in the progress of the team as a whole. For this reason, he inspires his team by providing words of motivation when they complete milestones and share in their triumphs so they aspire to reach new heights in their roles.

The secret to a superstar sales team is defining the roles that are needed to support the company and recruiting members who take pride in their performance, are eager to better themselves, and maintain a passionate work ethic. These roles usually include an Acquisition Manager who facilitates the purchase of homes and meets with homeowners for pricing estimations, Lead Managers who are responsible for reach-outs and follow-ups, and Executive Assistants who undertake administrative tasks. Many projects may also require trustworthy subcontractors to help with maintenance projects, installations, or construction work. Filling these core positions with power performers will catapult your business closer to success.

As a CEO, Kevin Lee quickly learned the weight of responsibility on his shoulders. He became conscious that his decisions don’t just impact himself and those he works with directly but also their loved ones. Success for the company means a better life for everyone involved. This is why he strives to better himself every day and never abandons his integrity. His entire team looks up to him because he is transparent with his goals and intentions. Therefore, his team is expected to do the same. They grow as a unit holding each other accountable for their success as a whole. It takes not only a great leader, but also a great team to run a successful real estate business.  

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