How Sean Cahan empowers others to succeed in the mortgage industry

Sean Cahan is the president of Cornerstone First Mortgage, a full-service mortgage bank headquartered in San Diego, California. In Sean’s 17 year career, he has successfully taken the company, Cornerstone First Mortgage, from a single branch to a nationwide operation, licensed in 44 states. Sean cultivates a culture that empowers his employees to be proactive, solution seeking individuals. The mortgage industry is constantly changing. Staying ahead of the change by utilizing the highest technologies has allowed Cornerstone to continue to grow and advance. Sean believes you have to be fearless in the industry, have a social media presence, and be educated. Be Educated Sean takes the time to educate his clients and give them tangible information. Buying a home is most people’s largest financial decisions of their lifetime. Comforting the client with the knowledge of the process, what to expect, and what is going on will make the loan process more enjoyable for all parties involved. Sean stated that “there are so many mortgage brokers that have really never considered making their loan process easier for the consumer, something as simple as information that is vibrant and easy to digest can help improve retention and speed up the mortgage process. “Sean implores loan officers to make the loan process more digestible and less complicated for your client that doesn’t do this every day all day. Go big on social Social Media is an accessible platform for everyone to gain more exposure and more business. Investing in social media is investing in yourself, your business, and your future pipeline. It can be a tool to attract new clients and make yourself more recognizable in both your local and national market. Be Fearless Okay now this one is less to do with projects and efforts toward business development and more to do with your own mental development as a professional. Being Fearless in any industry is a mindset that you must develop. No one can do this for you, and it will take time for you to feel comfortable and confident enough to be Fearless. “The industry is getting more competitive; you need to be willing to differentiate yourself from your competition.” Cahan stated. It is important to stay fearless when taking the steps to achieve your goals. Get Connected with Sean Sean Cahan offers solutions to mortgage professionals that are looking to develop their skill set and become a better producer. He is dedicated to delivering excellent customer service, communication, and accessibility to a variety of products. To learn more about Sean Cahan and Cornerstone First Mortgage, click here.


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