How Millennial Entrepreneur Anthony Napolitano Is Changing the Lives of Many by Helping Them Build Profitable Businesses

Building a business from the ground up is a time-consuming and expensive task, not to mention draining. Frequently, start-up businesses go under before having the chance to thrive, especially when not being managed adequately. However, for Anthony Napolitano, Italian-American entrepreneur, investor, and mentor, helping people launch and build lucrative businesses online is just right up his alley, and he can do it in just under sixty days.

Napolitano is currently one of the youngest top earners in the network and marketing enterprise, achieving more than most people would in their lifetime. His years in the industry have allowed him to help numerous people scale their businesses and provide them with a compelling string of services that will help individuals make, manage, and save more money daily.  

Things didn’t always start as they were for Napolitano. The flourishing entrepreneur spent quite some time as a college athlete and pursuing a budding baseball career before being introduced to the concept of his present venture. However, after falling in love with the idea of working in a performance-based industry, Napolitano did not waste any time and eventually decided that he was going to pour all of his effort into this newfound endeavor.

Starting any career is never easy, but Napolitano persevered more than anything else, taking inspiration from his experience in sports. 

“I understood there were going to be good days and bad days along the journey,” he shares. “But I knew that if I stayed consistent enough, my skill set would continue to improve. So I’m not focused on making more money; instead, I focus on becoming better at my craft.”

Currently residing in Florida, Napolitano is an excellent example of what can happen to someone if they truly commit to their passion. With over nine years of experience in the industry, the remarkable entrepreneur has been continuously finding ways to elevate in life and business, citing that his consistency and ability to think ahead in a competitive environment is one of the reasons for his success.

Now, Napolitano is an international globetrotter, helping many individuals worldwide become financially literate in more ways than one. According to him, people in the world today lack financial education because it’s never taught at school, especially topics that tackle investments and taxes, which play a massive part in a person’s life. He is also a firm believer that people need to become better at handling their finances if they wish to have a comfortable and prosperous future.

Of course, running a lucrative empire is seldom easy, and the chances of burning out remain high; but for Napolitano, focusing on work ethic and consistency works like magic, although it needs time to play out. 

“Most people expect instant gratification in everything they do, but things take time,” Napolitano explains, adding that the reason most people give up on their dreams is that they want immediate results instead of grinding their way to the top.

Through hard work, determination, and a whole lot of grit, Napolitano was able to establish a name for himself despite being in a dog-eat-dog industry. However, he also acknowledges that he is always learning from different types of people every day, further stating that if a person stops learning, they’ll eventually go backward, so staying humble and taking in knowledge every day is key to making it big.

Napolitano’s mission to reach as many people around the world that need scaling their incomes is indeed coming to fruition. Furthermore, he intends to use his success to further better the lives of thousands of people by consistently providing them with the much-needed education and pool of expertise.

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