How Bryan Clayton’s Entrepreneuristic Ideals Revolutionized the Landscaping Industry Through GreenPal

The innovative nature of technology has proved beneficial to society time and time again, giving entrepreneurs and young professionals the stepping stone they need to start their careers. Bryan Michael Clayton is among those who have thrived from the innovation, venturing into the digital platform with his brand, GreenPal. Nearly a decade since its inception, GreenPal has been an influential force in the landscaping industry.

Bryan Michael Clayton’s entrepreneurial journey into landscaping started when he was a college student. He was one of the co-founders for a Tennessee-based landscaping company called Peach Tree Inc. Clayton’s decision to join the landscaping industry stemmed from his youth when he worked as a lawn cutter at 12 years old. His youthful experience gave him the edge to start a company that would thrive in the industry. Peach Tree would work on landscaping accounts for Cracker Barrel, Fifth Third Bank, and Jack in the Box, among many others. Running for over 15 years, Clayton and co-founder Chip Burnette would sell their company to LUSA Holdings. 

Seeing the success that apps like Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft generated, Clayton grew interested in developing one of his own. He enlisted the help of his childhood friends Gene Caballero, Zach Hendrix, and Ross Brooks, all of whom had worked with Clayton in the landscaping industry. Together, they developed the foundations for what would become GreenPal.

“If people were going to allow strangers to sleep in their own beds (in the case of an Airbnb), then they have to be open to allowing others to help them get better lawn care,” said Clayton.

Founded in 2012, GreenPal is an online freelancing platform that connects clients and landscapers. Inspired by the success and business model of Airbnb, Lyft, and Uber, Clayton has helped his brand become one of the titans of the landscaping industry. The app, found in Google Playstore and Apple’s App Store, functions as a matchmaking platform. Users can punch in the type of work they need, and landscapers (vendors on the platform) can bid on the job.

GreenPal screens vendors to ensure that they have the needed equipment and reference, requiring them to register with a valid social security number and bank account. Once the job is done, users can then rate their service and provide a review. Additionally, GreenPal offers seasonal services like snow removal. 

Since then, GreenPal has been one of the most successful brands in the landscaping industry. The brand’s achievements throughout the years can be attributed to Clayton’s interest in entrepreneurism, small business growth, marketing, and bootstrapping businesses from zero revenue to profitability. “I’m a lifelong entrepreneur,” admitted the CEO. Clayton has been instrumental in GreenPal’s complimentary treats and customized notes for homes with pets, encouraging brand loyalty among the users. The continued innovation allowed GreenPal to expand its operation and service to 45 states. 

As of 2020, Bryan Clayton’s leadership has been instrumental in GreenPal improving the homes of over a million users. In addition, Clayton participates in hiking, martial arts, long-distance running, and volunteer work for the Achilles International charity events whenever he has the time. Learn more about Bryan Michael Clayton and GreenPal by visiting his official website.


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