How Brian Clay is Empowering the African American Community: The Voice of Greater Memphis Media, Inc.

How Brian Clay is Empowering the African American Community: The Voice of Greater Memphis Media, Inc.
Photo Courtesy: Brian Clay

By Lennard James

In the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, a dedicated force is working tirelessly to amplify the voices and address the issues facing the African American community. Greater Memphis Media, Inc., a 501c3 Social Justice Journalism Company founded by the dynamic Brian Clay, stands as a beacon of change and advocacy in the media landscape.  

At the helm of Greater Memphis Media, Inc. is Brian Clay, a man whose name is familiar within media and social justice circles in the city. As the Founder and Executive Director of the organization, Clay’s journey is marked by a commitment to education, social justice, and community development.  

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Clay’s early fascination with the stage and politics paved the way for a career dedicated to community service and media activism. His educational journey at LeMoyne Owen College in Memphis solidified his passion for political science, leading him to become a Legislative Liaison for the Memphis City Council. This experience immersed him in local politics and community issues, setting the stage for his impactful career. 

Clay’s impressive track record includes serving as NAACP College Chapter President, Editor for The Magician (LeMoyne Owens campus paper), and later contributing insightful political columns to the Tri-State Defender Newspaper (TSD). His extensive knowledge of local, national, and international politics made his articles a must-read for Memphians. 

In 2012, Clay launched “The Brian Clay Chronicles,” an award-winning talk show dedicated to providing intelligent information and ideas for today’s urban intellectuals. The show has since become a platform for engaging discussions with influential figures, spanning politics, business, sports, and more. 

Greater Memphis Media, Inc. goes beyond traditional media boundaries by actively engaging in social justice initiatives and community development. The organization has formed strategic partnerships, including a joint venture with TSD-TV Multi-Media Group and Best Media, Inc., to expand its technical footprint throughout Memphis and Shelby County. 

Under the leadership of Mosaic Media Holding Ltd., a non-profit subsidiary, Greater Memphis Media manages the proposed radio station and plays a crucial role in the LOC Media Project. The organization’s commitment to fighting illiteracy in the Memphis community is evident through programs like “The I LOVE READING INITIATIVE,” where Clay and his team visit underserved elementary schools to promote literacy. 

While acknowledging larger media entities like KUDZUKIAN and MLK50 with substantial budgets and resources, Greater Memphis Media, Inc. takes pride in its community-centric approach. The organization’s business plan includes providing scholarships to LeMoyne Owen College and first-year HBCU students from Memphis and Shelby County, emphasizing literacy programs, and partnering with other African American non-profit organizations. 

With a target audience unapologetically focused on the underserved African American community in Memphis and Shelby County, Greater Memphis Media, Inc. recognizes the importance of economic equity. The organization is committed to being a disruptive force that the community can rely on, addressing crucial issues until full economic equity and opportunity are achieved. 

Clay’s tireless commitment to his community continues despite battling end-stage renal failure. His advocacy extends beyond media, serving as a deacon and director of programs at Gethsemane Gardens Church of God in Christ and being a recipient of the Black Moguls Magazine 2016 Humanitarian Award. 

Clay and Greater Memphis Media, Inc. invite readers to witness their impact by exploring episodes of “The Brian Clay Chronicles” on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. The organization’s initiatives, partnerships, and dedication to community improvement exemplify a commitment to making Memphis a shining city on a hill. 

As Memphis evolves, the work of Greater Memphis Media, Inc. stands as a testament to the power of media, social justice, and community engagement, all orchestrated by a visionary leader whose mission is clear: intelligent information and ideas for a brighter future. If anyone asks how Greater Memphis Media, Inc. is doing in the African American community, their resounding response is, “WE ARE RISING.”

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