How a Moroccan Dreamer Majida Housni Turned Into an Entrepreneurial Powerhouse in Los Angeles

To be able to translate one’s visions into reality, a person must possess an unrelenting determination to set things in motion. Countless times people have undermined the power of passion, perseverance, and dedication that they just let things be. However, the reality is, achieving fulfillment in one’s goals is not a matter of destiny or birthright. It requires an incredible set of skills, coupled with a certain mentality, attitude, and disposition, to transform dreams into action. In the case of Majida Housni, she left her home and moved to chase the American dream. Today, she is the CEO of the premier concierge company Maison Maj.

Born in the skyscraper-filled skylines of Dubai, this emerging Moroccan personality is a young dreamer who is not afraid to dip her toes into a wide variety of fields in order to achieve her lifelong goal. Her diligent efforts of establishing a name for herself have captured the interests of many established authorities and industry peers, cementing her reputation across various spaces. No one would have thought that an 18-year-old small-time entrepreneur who ran a store at the heart of the golden triangle of Beverly Hills would become a 32-year-old entrepreneurial powerhouse, traversing the business scene with her acumen and passion-driven vision through her brainchild, Maison Maj.

Maison Maj is a premier concierge company designed to provide lasting moments and memorable encounters with a wide variety of premier services that enable people to experience a luxurious lifestyle. From handling events to offering the finest kind of transportation, this go-getting entity goes all-out to provide its clients with the best luxury experience. Without a doubt, Maison Maj is more than what meets the eye.

Since its establishment, Maison Maj has demonstrated prowess in the field, racking up outstanding accomplishments from left to right. Its excellent approach of providing an all-around service has earned acclaim from many business owners and high-profile individuals. More impressively, its recent partnership with Rome Nightclub – one of the most prestigious entertainment venues across Los Angeles, California – has taken the enterprise up a notch, gracing the industry with first-grade transportation and excellent service.

Aside from the recent powerful move that Maison Maj has made, this trailblazers entity also offers the best travel experience for go-getters who do not settle for less. From creating travel itineraries to traveling in yachts and supercars, Maison Maj made it its mission to bring the most top-notch services and amenities in order to leave clients happy and satisfied.

Although Maison Maj is a robust enterprise on its own, it would not have achieved promising milestones had it not been for its passion-driven CEO, Majida Housni. This multifaceted powerhouse has trudged numerous obstacles in order to propel her brand towards the summits of a cutthroat trade. Today, she takes the reins of a rapidly rising company with no intentions of slowing down any time soon.

Under the leadership of an emerging entrepreneurial mogul, Maison Maj is bound to reach greater heights. With a long list of innovative strategies hidden beneath a visionary like Majida Housni, the company is well underway.

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