How a College Student Created One of the Most Influential Meme Pages

Written by: Tedfuel

In a digital age, social media has drastically changed the way we consume entertainment and video content. Young people have moved away from traditional forms of entertainment and now increasingly rely on trendy sources: memes and viral content.

Consuming memes has become a daily habit for many of us, but for some it’s their job. It began when Aidan Schwieger started an Instagram account, merely for fun, while attending university. Instagram was still young and as a finance student, Aidan didn’t think much of the platform besides being fascinated about the way content was consumed and shared among users.

While Aidan describes himself as having a creative mind and an entrepreneurial spirit, he didn’t realize how far this would take him until his account ‘Today Years Old’ began to blow up, “within weeks, the account started to gain popularity and I soon realized I could reach a serious audience while remaining anonymous. It became a side hustle.” Three years later, he had grown one of the biggest entertainment and meme channels on Instagram, reaching nearly 10 million followers.

In Aidan’s words, “Today Years Old Media is now a viral internet brand and social publisher that provides entertainment to a global community in the form of video content and culturally relevant memes.” While the brand began as a joke for satirical and comical content, it quickly became a viral comedy.

Aidan credits the success of the brand to his early adoption of the platform as well as the team’s creative content strategy, “It’s important to understand that content is just as much about the emotional response and connection as it is about the comedic relief. Being a content aggregator for so long now, I’ve developed a very good understanding of what makes something go viral, how to find trending content, and what our audience wants to see.” As an early adopter, Aidan quickly discovered what his audience enjoyed and how to curate meaningful content for them. This hands-on approach to sharing engaging content is what has allowed him to build such a strong community with Today Years Old.

With people all around the globe following the channel, Today Years Old Media has become a leading source of entertainment and feel-good memes around the world. While the company’s focus has primarily been on Instagram and Twitter, they plan on expanding to other platforms this year such as TikTok and Snapchat, “Our goal is to continue to be a source of relatable and enjoyable content that brings people together and allows them to connect with one another.”


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