Gabriela Kirova’s Empowerment Efforts for Women Propel Forward a Better Bulgaria

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With her groundbreaking initiative, ‘More Women in Power,’ philanthropist Gabriela Kirova is igniting a global movement that empowers women to step up and seize their rightful place at the helm. As the visionary co-founder of this dynamic organization, Gabriela is on a mission to shatter gender barriers and promote equality by opening doors for women in politics and leadership roles within top corporations. Her unwavering commitment to empowering young, educated Bulgarian women who have gained international exposure through their studies abroad is a testament to her belief in the immeasurable potential of women to create a better, more harmonious world.

Gabriela is a true warrior for equality who has boldly founded an organization with a noble purpose: to shatter the glass ceilings that hinder women from reaching the pinnacles of power. Her dedication has led her to challenge the very definition of power, refusing to accept a world where women are excluded from its structures. As a political activist in Bulgaria, Gabriela is fearlessly paving the way for a new generation of leaders, inspiring young people from all corners of the globe to join her in building a civil society that champions progress and democracy. Her vision is one of hope and transformation as she works tirelessly to create a brighter future for Bulgaria and beyond.

Alongside her philanthropic pursuits, Gabriela is a thriving entrepreneur, making her mark as a fashion designer and business maven. Her renowned brand, Gabriella&Wolf, embodies a contemporary twist on “The Beauty and the Beast” concept, showcasing the elegance and poise of women and the ambition and compassion of men. Committed to sustainability and accessibility, Gabriela founded her fashion brand with the vision of making fashion ethical and affordable. She also extends her benevolent hand to various charitable causes, empowering young entrepreneurs to connect with investors and bring their brilliant ideas to life.

With unwavering passion, Gabriela carries her love for Bulgaria, her cherished homeland, in her heart. Her tireless efforts to contribute to its development know no bounds. She sees Bulgaria as a pivotal link between Europe and Turkey, with strategic importance for Europe’s imports, and recognizes its strategic importance in the European import landscape. That’s why she’s actively involved in a groundbreaking project to create a sustainable town where people can thrive safely, cultivate their own vegetables, and harness the power of renewable energy through innovative photovoltaic and water power plants.

Recently, Gabriela received a special invitation from Pope Francis for a private meeting at the Vatican City. Her unwavering support for various organizations in Rome that assist people experiencing homelessness and those in need caught the attention of the Pope. Gabriela is well-known for her philanthropic efforts, actively supporting UNICEF causes and making appearances at prestigious events like the Luisaviaroma and UNICEF Charity Gala in Capri. Her commitment to making a positive impact on society has earned her recognition and an opportunity to meet with Pope Francis personally.

Gabriela is a living example of the sentence: “You are as big as your dreams are.” With unwavering conviction, she believes that anyone can achieve their aspirations with determination. In her view, women must rely on their own strength, be self-reliant, leverage societal resources, and strive to create a brighter future for all. Gabriela’s story echoes the power of boundless dreams and resolute action.

Gabriela’s unwavering ambition is to be a catalyst for change, inspiring women globally to seize positions of power and set a powerful example for generations to come. She envisions Bulgaria as a land of immense potential and an attractive investment destination. Gabriela eagerly anticipates the day when the European Parliament enacts a law mandating a significant representation of women in every EU country’s parliament, ideally at least 40%, and when a remarkable woman ascends to become Bulgaria’s first-ever female Prime Minister. With her resolute determination, Gabriela is poised to make a lasting impact and pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.


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