From the Ground Up–How Jackie Alves Built the Beauty Bar

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Named one of the top 8 makeup artists to follow on Instagram, Jackie Alves has been a Pro Makeup Artist and Beauty Educator with over 30 years of experience. Life, however, hadn’t always been a success for this industry authority. From a battle with sobriety to launching her own 2000 sq ft Makeup Studio in 2021, Jackie is surely a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her authority within the makeup industry.

As the founder of The Beauty Bar, her makeup studio, Jackie Alves is not simply a makeup artist. Having been on the Expert Panel for 6 online publications, as well as becoming a regular guest Beauty Editor for Beautify Tips, a beauty publication powered by KISS Cosmetics, she also owns her own in-house makeup academy where she has been teaching women across the globe looking to break into the industry. 

Through her online Makeup Artist Certification Program, Jackie equips makeup artists with the ability to empower women through their artistry, at all walks of life. This also shows through her beauty brand that features on-demand masterclasses and personal, online makeup tutorials focusing on “Real Makeup for Real Women” and how to “Become Your Own Makeup Artist”. Alves focuses on the concept of womanhood through every age, which means providing an online masterclasses available for purchase, featuring makeup application instructions for women with  mature skin. The course teaches more than just basics, but Jackie explains that after a woman spends time within her course learning skincare basics and pro makeup tips, she now has the foundation needed to be confident in creating the same results at home.

As the Head Educator of The Beauty Bar Pro Makeup Academy and the Creator of the studio’s line of professional makeup products, Alves also works to equipt aspiring makeup artists with the skills and knowledge that they will need to make money in the beauty industry. Influencers and the age of social media has given these up and coming artists a false sense of what it really means to be successful in the industry. 

“Discount codes,” Alves starts, “while seemingly promising, don’t do much in terms of money making for these women in the industry.” Social media has lulled these artists into this false sense of financial security by offering a very small margin of what their skills are actually worth. Jackie is using her years of experience and offering real, tangible means of financial success through makeup artistry in her Academy. 

“Anyone can watch a Youtube video and learn how to do makeup,” she goes on to say. “But I am going to teach those artists how to start and maintain their business in a real and scalable way by not only partnering makeup services with sales, but also building lasting client relationships resulting in a long term, meaningful Beauty Business

Though the makeup artist industry is massive, with social media bringing about new beauty influencers every week, Jackie maintains her goal to be viewed as an authority in her field. Through talent and inspired passion, she is multifaceted, showcasing skills in both the beauty world, as well as business landscapes. Her underlying mission as a beauty educator is to bring hope to others who may feel stuck in an  addiction. With ten wonderful years of sobriety under her belt, Jackie embodies the impact of freedom from addiction as she chooses gratitude as the tone of everything she does and everything she has since grown.

“Since landing my first makeup gig in Las Vegas at the age of 17,” Alves starts, “I’ve definitely learned a thing or two about women and the way they feel about how they look. It’s been a privilege to have been part of some of the best cosmetic companies in the industry and I’ve worked for or with over 20 top brands during my 30+ year career as a Pro Makeup Artist and Educator.”

“I love helping women feel beautiful,” Jackie expresses. “There’s a transformative power in makeup artistry that can take a woman from feeling less than, to feeling more beautiful than ever, right before your eyes. It’s a gift every woman deserves to get.”

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