From Cover Model to CEO – How Janna Breslin is Breaking the Mold and Changing the World

From Cove Model to CEO – How Janna Breslin is Breaking the Mold and Changing the World
Photo Credit: Modern Homestead

In the world of business and innovation, few stories resonate as deeply as that of Janna Breslin. Once known predominantly for her striking presence on fitness magazine covers, Janna has embarked on a journey that defies the conventional boundaries of career and lifestyle. Alongside her husband, Evan Demarco, she stands at the helm of Modern Homestead Industries, a company that is not just a business venture but a testament to a life lived on one’s own terms. The duo’s most recent foray into the limelight through their hit TV show, “Modern Homestead,” has captivated audiences, showcasing their transition from the bustling life of California to the serene yet challenging existence of rural Tennessee. Her story is not just about going off-grid; it is one of resilience, innovation, and breaking stereotypes, making Janna Breslin a beacon for modern-day entrepreneurs and dreamers alike.

Early Career and Transition

Janna’s journey into the public eye began on the glossy pages of fitness magazines, where her image became synonymous with health and wellness. Yet, beneath the surface of photo shoots and modeling contracts was a yearning for something more profound, more connected to the earth and its rhythms. The decision to pivot from the world of modeling to homesteading wasn’t spontaneous but a reflection of a long-standing desire for self-sufficiency and environmental stewardship.

Partnering in life and business with Evan Demarco, the couple laid the groundwork for what would become Modern Homestead Industries. This venture was the physical manifestation of their shared values and vision for a sustainable future. The seeds for this transformation were sown through their dream of an off-grid life, one that balanced the allure of modern conveniences with the ethics of sustainable living. This dream was not just about escaping the urban sprawl but about crafting a new narrative for themselves and inspiring others to consider the possibilities beyond the conventional.

From Cove Model to CEO – How Janna Breslin is Breaking the Mold and Changing the World
Photo Credit: Modern Homestead

The Modern Homestead Journey

The leap from urban California to the rustic landscapes of Tennessee was more than a change of scenery for Janna and Evan; it was a complete overhaul of lifestyle and ideology. “Modern Homestead,” the TV show that chronicled this transition, offered viewers a raw, unfiltered look at the realities of going off-grid. Far from the romanticized version of rural living, their journey was fraught with challenges that tested their commitment at every turn. Janna recounts the early days with a mix of humor and hindsight, “Everything went wrong,” she admits. From nocturnal encounters with brown recluse spiders to the destructive forces of nature that obliterated their greenhouse, her dream seemed to teeter on the brink of collapse. 

Yet, it was their unyielding spirit and positive attitude that turned these trials into lessons of growth and perseverance. The show became more than entertainment; it was a narrative of adaptation, showcasing the couple’s commitment to their vision despite the odds. This authentic portrayal struck a chord with audiences, making “Modern Homestead” an instant hit and a platform for advocating a lifestyle that embraces challenges as stepping stones to growth.

Modern Homestead Industries: Bridging the Gap

The success of the TV show laid the foundation for what would become Modern Homestead Industries. Janna and Evan recognized early on that their journey resonated with a broad audience, from the urban dwellers in skyscraping apartments to families sprawled across suburban America. The company was conceived to support this diverse demographic in embracing elements of homesteading into their lives, irrespective of their geographical or cultural starting points.

Modern Homestead Industries carved out a unique niche in the market, offering products and solutions that catered to a wide range of needs. From innovative building materials to backyard food security systems, the company aimed to democratize the concept of modern homesteading. Perhaps their most revolutionary product, the Eternal Spring water harvester, epitomizes their mission. This device, capable of extracting water from the air, symbolizes the fusion of technology and sustainability that lies at the heart of Modern Homestead’s philosophy.

Janna’s role in this endeavor cannot be overstated. Her transition from fitness icon to co-CEO of a pioneering company reflects a broader narrative of women breaking through the glass ceilings of traditionally male-dominated industries. Her leadership, characterized by a blend of commanding presence and humility in the face of learning, has been a driving force behind the company’s success.

Cultural and Business Impact

The cultural resonance of “Modern Homestead” extends beyond mere entertainment; it taps into a burgeoning desire among people for autonomy, sustainability, and a deeper connection with the environment. Janna and Evan’s journey, with its ups and downs, acts as a microcosm for a society yearning for change. Their story, punctuated by moments of humor, struggle, and triumph, mirrors the complexities of modern life and the growing appetite for a return to simplicity, albeit with modern conveniences.

This cultural shift is emblematic of a broader movement towards sustainability and self-reliance, challenging the conventional paradigms of consumption and living. Modern Homestead Industries, under Janna’s co-leadership, drives innovation in regenerative agriculture, sustainable building materials, and water security. The company’s ethos and product line resonate with a demographic that spans the globe, from urbanites to rural dwellers, all united by a common desire for change.

Janna’s influence extends beyond the operational aspects of the company; she embodies the spirit of Modern Homestead. Her journey from a fitness model to a leader in sustainable living and business innovation serves as an inspiration, challenging gender stereotypes and redefining leadership in the 21st century. Her approach, which balances strength with vulnerability, has endeared her to many, proving that leadership is not just about authority but about empathy, resilience, and the willingness to chart untested waters.

From Cove Model to CEO – How Janna Breslin is Breaking the Mold and Changing the World
Photo Credit: Modern Homestead

Looking Ahead: The Future of Modern Homestead Industries

As Modern Homestead Industries continues to evolve, its impact on industry and culture is poised to expand. With Janna and Evan at the helm, the company is exploring new frontiers in sustainability, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in homesteading and eco-conscious living. The ethos of Modern Homestead, rooted in innovation, resilience, and a commitment to sustainability, is more than a business model; it’s a blueprint for the future.

Janna’s vision for the company transcends the conventional metrics of success; it’s about creating a legacy that inspires change and fosters a global community of modern homesteaders. As the company ventures into new projects and partnerships, its core mission remains unwavering: to empower individuals and communities to reclaim control over their lives, their food, and their environment.

Janna Breslin’s journey from the pages of fitness magazines to the rugged terrains of Tennessee embodies a narrative of transformation, resilience, and pioneering spirit. Alongside Evan DeMarco, she has not only built a life that reflects their values but also a company that challenges the paradigms of business, sustainability, and community. Modern Homestead Industries, with its innovative approach to sustainable living, stands as a testament to what can be achieved when vision, passion, and perseverance converge.

Janna’s story serves as a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly women, who seek to break molds and make meaningful impacts. In a world rife with challenges, her journey reminds us that with the right attitude, support, and innovation, it’s possible to carve out pathways to a sustainable and fulfilling future.


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