Evgeny Varfolomeev: “The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself” (Peter Drucker, management guru)

Evgeny Varfolomeev: "The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself" (Peter Drucker, management guru)
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Everyone wants not only to be happy and healthy, but also successful in all their endeavors. The only proven way to achieve this is by building your own bright future. The key to this is quite simple: no matter what you do, always do everything possible to achieve your goal.

Today, our interviewee is Evgeny Varfolomeev, a businessman and founder of Krasintercom Inc. Multifaceted and extraordinary, he has many achievements in his professional career, but always dreamed of starting his own business. We asked Evgeny to answer a few questions about his business and plans for the future.

Evgeny, tell us about what your company, Krasintercom Inc, does and how you came up with the idea to focus on this particular business. What were you oriented towards?

Analyzing the market, I was looking for a niche with high demand. Several factors came into play, but first and foremost was my work at Krasintercom Inc, a company specializing in manufacturing Krasintercom terminals. Krasintercom Inc, which I founded, is specifically involved in their installation. Self-service terminals are no longer a novelty today. They have become an indispensable tool for high-traffic locations, primarily in shopping centers and stores. Terminals allow users to access the services they need more efficiently, and retailers to optimize operational costs by reducing labor expenses. The machines definitely have significant advantages. For me personally, these advantages lie not only in the simple cost savings for retail locations, but also in the qualitatively new level of service provided to people. I was oriented precisely towards this and the obvious prospects of their installation in the future.

You highlighted that people are an important aspect of your business. What problems are solved with the help of Krasintercom terminals?

I’ve already mentioned this briefly. Installing innovative equipment is beneficial for both retail business owners and consumers. For visitors to retail locations, it provides the opportunity to quickly, easily, and stress-free pay phone bills, utilities, internet usage, and other services, make bill payments, purchase SIM cards, and other products all in one place. Moreover, the terminals are user-friendly, which contributes to increased customer satisfaction.

At the same time, installing terminals in commercial areas is advantageous for retailers. The logical connection is quite simple: people will prefer to visit a store where they can conveniently use a terminal to make necessary payments alongside their purchases.

Evgeny, you must have already achieved some success in business. Tell us about it and your plans for the future.

In a short period of time, I was able to attract investments and install 80 Krasintercom terminals that are operating successfully in New York retail locations. Currently, I am in negotiations with potential investors and partners. In the near future, our plans include expanding the network in California and Florida. Speaking about our strategy, the company aims to install terminals in all major shopping centers in America and enter the international market.

Another promising direction is the sale of physical and electronic SIM cards through terminals. This feature is already available to consumers in 10 out of 80 Krasintercom terminals installed by me. The team plans to implement a project to install SIM card vending machines in major airports in the United States, which will allow passengers to update their old SIM cards or purchase new ones.

In addition, Krasintercom is actively working on developing self-service terminals for hotels, which directly affect operations, customer service quality, and hotel business profitability. Today, trial samples of smart reception are being tested in Miami and Pennsylvania.

Could you briefly describe how to build a  business for a startup?

In short, the success of a startup largely depends on the ability to move quickly and efficiently, despite any obstacles. In English, there is a wonderful concept called “consistency”. No matter what your internal state is, no matter what external factors hinder your progress, you must continue to believe in your goal and relentlessly work towards it. The ability of an entrepreneur to overcome failures also plays a huge role. It may seem like general words to some, but it’s the reality. To confirm this, I’ll quote the brilliant words of Winston Churchill: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Persuasively. What skills, in your opinion, does an entrepreneur need to create an effective business?

Creating any business starts with an idea. But that’s clearly not enough to develop and promote a business. An entrepreneur must possess many personal qualities, specific knowledge, and skills that will help manage business processes, inspire and guide their team towards achieving set goals. I’ll say the cliché things again, but without determination, responsibility, hard work, self-organization, patience, and leadership qualities, it’s definitely not possible. Communication, management, technical, financial, and analytical skills are extremely important. Key skills include strategic thinking and planning skills, as well as branding and marketing skills.

You mentioned that an entrepreneur should possess certain knowledge. Did you mean having a higher education diploma? In that case, I have a question: how do you evaluate the role of education in the career of an entrepreneur?

There are many different opinions on this matter. I am inclined to the view that higher education contributes to a career and facilitates the achievement of life goals. Although there are many examples of success without a university degree. When it comes to entrepreneurship, it is important for a business founder to have not only relevant education, but also to go through an MBA (Master of Business Administration) program.

What education do you have?

I have several higher educations. My base education is from Siberian Federal University, Faculty of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Specialist degree; Siberian Federal University, Faculty of Economics, Master of Economics. And additional education from Siberian Federal University, Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages. Also received a certificate from the Siberian Federal University in the the program “Development of small and medium-sized businesses.”

In addition, I have completed several professional development courses and have obtained qualification certificates from the Russian National Association of Securities Market Participants in “Dealer and Broker Activities” and “Depository Activities.”

Evgeny, speaking about your business, how do you envision your company’s future?

In terms of the product that my company offers, I want Krasintercom terminals to be used by hundreds of millions of people in the United States and other countries around the world. In terms of the impact of my product on society, I want it to significantly improve the quality of life for American citizens and citizens of other countries where our self-service terminals will be installed.

What would you say to readers who want to start their own business but haven’t taken the leap yet?

I am absolutely convinced that America is a country of immense opportunities. Each person is responsible for realizing these opportunities. No one will do anything for you. You have to create your own success. And here, I fully agree with the wise words of Brian Tracy (for those who don’t know, he is a Canadian-American motivational speaker and self-development author): “If you want to achieve success, always remember that the future belongs to knowledgeable and competent people,” “those who do what they know how to do very well.”


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