Empoweringly Thriving: Dana Mahina’s Journey from Silicon Valley to Transformative Coaching

Image commercially licensed from:https://unsplash.com/photos/two-women-using-laptops-n_4iTY1KmDE
Image commercially licensed from:https://unsplash.com/photos/two-women-using-laptops-n_4iTY1KmDE

Dana Mahina, a well-known podcaster, author, and coach, is excited to introduce her newest book, “B is for Burnout, Not B*itch: From Overdrive to Thrive A-Z.” Dana gives high-achieving women who are struggling with burnout a ray of hope in this ground-breaking work.

Dana’s path from a lucrative Silicon Valley career spanning two decades to the establishment of Phoenix5, an executive and leadership coaching company, is a testament to her commitment to revolutionary personal and professional development. Her debut book, “Stop Settling, Settle Smart,” and the influential podcast, “Work-Life Harmonized,” have profoundly impacted the lives of numerous individuals.

“B is for Burnout, Not B*itch: From Overdrive to Thrive A-Z” explores the important topic of burnout and provides not only coping mechanisms but also a thorough how-to manual for thriving. “D is for Diving Deep” Dana has a straightforward, honest, and grounded approach that aims to inspire readers by encouraging authenticity and self-acceptance.

Working together with her talented team—which includes media producer Jupiter F. Stone, social media and community manager Beatriz Vasconcelos, executive assistant Sonia Pazmandi Lee, book launch expert Michelle Kulp, and executive assistant Sonia Pazmandi Lee—Dana makes sure the right people hear her message of balanced success and sustainability. Pre-orders for her book are available and started on Monday, December 11th, 2024, ahead of its official release on January 10th. This well-planned initiative hits its first milestone.

“Dana’s Harmonious Philosophy”: Dana Mahina advocates for harmony above balance when it comes to life coaching. She advocates for living a joyful and honest life through her strategies, which include the patented Stop Settling® mindset. From tools for young adults to leadership coaching and group coaching for women, she provides a variety of services. Her goal of enabling people to connect all the pieces of their lives and share their special worth with the world is fundamental to her work, which includes her books and podcasts.

“Join the Empowering Journey”: Encounters a life of deliberate decisions and genuine living by accompanying Dana Mahina on her journey from overdrive to thriving.

Check her out on LinkedIn, Dana Mahina, and Instagram @dana.mahina for more information. The official website of Dana Mahina also has more resources and information.

“About Dana Mahina”: Renowned life coach and author Dana Mahina prefers a harmonious existence to one that is merely balanced. Her online persona conveys a dedication to holistic health, covering mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions. Dana leads people toward a meaningful and genuine life by emphasizing her own Stop Settling® concept. In addition to offering specialized materials for younger individuals, she offers a range of coaching services, such as leadership development and group sessions for women.

In conclusion, Dana Mahina’s path and philosophy are about enabling people to live genuinely, joyfully, and harmoniously—they are not only about coaching.


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