Empowering Women Through The Power of Habits: Alessia Citro’s Message for Women’s History Month

Empowering Women Through The Power of Habits: Alessia Citro's Message for Women's History Month
Photo Courtesy: Alessia Citro

During Women’s History Month, it’s crucial to recognize women’s journey in overcoming societal expectations and self-doubt, particularly concerning confidence. Alessia Citro, an experienced entrepreneur, certified life coach, and author of the upcoming book “Higher Self Habits,” emphasizes the pivotal role of habits in this transformative process.

Alessia highlights a striking statistic from an internal Hewlett Packard study: men often apply for promotions when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, while women wait until they meet 100%. This discrepancy underscores the confidence gap between genders, with men trusting their ability to figure things out while women feel pressured to be perfect.

In response to societal pressures, Alessia stresses the importance of habit formation in building women’s confidence. She argues that confidence is not innate but a skill that can be developed through intentional habits and mindset shifts.

Central to Alessia’s message is the idea that habits shape identity and vice versa. By cultivating habits that promote self-awareness, self-assessment, and positive self-affirmation, women can shift their internal narrative from self-doubt to self-assurance. Alessia encourages women to embrace imperfection, take calculated risks, and persist despite setbacks, foundational habits for confidence and resilience.

Empowering Women Through The Power of Habits: Alessia Citro's Message for Women's History Month
Photo Courtesy: Alessia Citro

Alessia advocates for “imperfect action,” urging women to act even when they feel unprepared, fostering growth through discomfort and uncertainty. Her book, “Higher Self Habits,” offers practical strategies blending neuroscience, behavioral science, and spirituality, guiding women towards personal growth and empowerment.

As we commemorate Women’s History Month, Alessia’s insights illuminate a path towards realizing women’s potential. She emphasizes the power of habit formation and a mindset of courage and resilience to overcome self-doubt.

Follow the 5-Stage Higher Self Habits Method for lasting transformation:

Begin with awareness. Start by reflecting inwardly. Identify what needs to change, why, and which beliefs are hindering your progress. Consider alternative perspectives.

Align to your desired identity and future. Envision your ideal self and future with intense emotion. Understand why personal growth matters to you, your loved ones, and society. This emotional connection fuels your desires.

Audit your life. Evaluate your life. Determine what habits to stop, start, or continue. Assess your environment, relationships, time allocation, and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual consumption.

Activate. Begin with small habits, particularly those benefiting your physical well-being like hydration or sleep. Gradually increase their complexity. Quick successes build confidence, similar to a baby learning to crawl before walking.

Ascend & Amplify. As you progress, emit a higher energy, uplifting others in the process. With growing confidence, unlock new levels of awareness and set higher goals. This cycle perpetuates, propelling you forward in an upward spiral of personal growth.

Beyond her book, Alessia engages with her community through workshops, coaching, and her podcast, “inhabit,” providing solidarity and empowerment. She also advocates for gender equality in the workplace, partnering with organizations to foster inclusive leadership.

One of her clients, founder of Social Squeeze, Jenny Burnham had only praise for her elegant system stating: I’ve made so many changes to my everyday life that have been wildly impactful. I have read all the habit books from male authors and done tons of personal development, but nothing has stuck until this! As a female entrepreneur with ADHD, much of the personal development/business world has left me feeling like a failure. Alessia’s approach is such a breath of fresh air- she gives tactical simple tweaks to truly change habits in a sustainable way that works for my unique self!

Alessia’s message calls women to embrace their potential, rewrite their stories, and step boldly into the future. In the words of Alessia herself, “Stepping into our Higher Selves isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it. When the going gets tough, pause for a moment and remember all those who have come before you and will come after you, and know that taking another step forward will create a positive ripple that helps others and comes back around. Feel, too, that you are always being lifted by another, even though you may not know whom.” All are welcome to learn more about Alessia and her work to empower all women by simply visiting her official website as well as her Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn accounts.

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