Emerging Tattoo Artist Ignacio Suárez “Cacho” on Translating His Visions Into Reality

People who have gone after the things they are truly passionate about know that embarking on such a journey has its own fair share of trials and difficulties. This is especially true for those whose passions are not as common or conventional as the others. In fact, aspirants and dreamers falling within this category understand how much courage and determination it takes to succeed in an endeavor of their own liking. Such is the case with Ignacio Suárez, an emerging tattoo artist who is acknowledged for his creative flair and artistic prowess. Today, he serves as a source of inspiration for go-getters across the globe. 

On a mission to master his craft and share his talent with the world, Ignacio Suárez, who is more prominently known as Cacho, fell in love with art when he was only a young boy. After realizing how alive he felt when he was creating something with his hands, he took it upon himself to pursue a career in art. The visionary kicked off his artistic journey by combining his experience and expertise with oil paintings, digital art, animation, big scale murals and apparel design to become a highly sought-after tattoo artist.

Hailing from Mexico City, Cacho is now currently based in Los Angeles and is working in one of the world’s most famous tattoo shops, The California Dream Tattoo, which also happens to be a celebrity tattoo shop in the said area. The tattoo artist’s specialty revolves around creating single-needle or fine-line tattoos. Three years after adopting his craft as a profession, he has already worked with man celebrity clients like Nicole Williams English, Sophia Culpo, Katee Sackhoff, Tiffani Thiessen, Candace Bure, Stephen Boss, Joel de León, and Victor Webster, among others.

Proving to be unstoppable at his game, Cacho has been creating significant waves in the industry. Aside from exceeding the expectations of his clients, the tattoo artist also has his works featured in notable tabloids like US Magazine, Page Six, and People Magazine. “I love the craft because it brings me closer to people that appreciate art and the craft of details. Many people interested in tattoos have deeper meanings beyond just a ‘drawing’ on their bodies. My craft is my art, and anyone that appreciates it the same way I do will always be welcome to sit in my chair,” he said.

On top of being an expert in the tattoo realm, Cacho has also been applying his creative skills and abilities in other areas like architecture, clothing, photography, animation, illustration, and many more. As someone who is not afraid of expanding his horizons and venturing into other fields, this multi-faceted individual has strengthened his personal brand and identity as an artist. 

 “I’m glad I chose to make people my canvas and experience a deep connection with people I knew nothing about until they sat in my chair. I derive joy in hearing their stories, and creating something special just for them, sometimes to help heal some pain they’ve been through, and other times to engrave a memory that puts a smile on their faces. Each person’s story is unique, and I’m humbled that I get to connect with so many amazing individuals every day,” Cacho revealed.

“Go out and explore, find something that moves you from deep inside and go for it. Life is short and long at the same time. It is short enough to embrace each day as your last and long enough to suffer doing what you don’t love. So make the right choice always,” the tattoo artist reminded.


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