Elgin Edwards of Access Funding Partners Inc. Talks About Rising Above Adversities and Accomplishing Goals

Reaching the summits of success is not a walk in the park. Quite the contrary, it is an arduous yet fulfilling journey that requires significant amounts of dedication, commitment, and perseverance. In the case of Elgin Edwards, it is evident just how much of an impact one’s diligent efforts can make in the pursuit of a dream. Through his relentless drive and unwavering strength, he was able to overcome insurmountable challenges that taught him the most valuable lessons and insights. Today, he serves as a reliable source of inspiration and motivation for go-getters from all walks of life.

Through Access Funding Partners Inc., Elgin Edwards aims to cater to the needs of entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to acquire growth and gain exposure for their respective ventures. At the heart of his endeavors is the recognition that not everyone has access to the resources and opportunities that would catapult them to the pinnacles of their trades. Heavily determined to fulfill his mission, he uses his venture to equip aspirants and dreamers with the tools and experience that would help them translate their visions into reality.

Access Funding Partners Inc. was established by owner and founder Elgin Edwards in Atlanta, Georgia. Since its inception in 2019, the company has skillfully obtained a technological advantage to increase business credit application approvals and business funding options. “​​We offer a systematic program that will help structure the business foundation, which is essential for getting approved when completing funding applications,” Elgin Edwards explained.

Although he is now on top of a flourishing career, Elgin Edwards still likes to look back on his humble beginnings and remind himself of how far he has come. As someone who has been through his fair share of trials and challenges, he understands that hardships and difficulties are not to be seen as hindrances to accomplishing goals and fulfilling aspirations. In fact, one should take these challenges as building blocks of success.

In an interview, Elgin Edwards talked about his previous struggles and some things that kept him going. From being completely bankrupt because of his previous business endeavors to sleeping on couches and in his car because he had nowhere else to go, the Access Funding Partners Inc. founder knows what it means to go through tough times. Despite everything that he has been through, he never gave up and chose to have faith in himself. “I see those hard times the same way I see the hard foundation that’s laid for a home to rest on,” he said.

With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, Elgin Edwards envisions Access Funding Partners Inc. strengthening and increasing its partnerships while empowering businesses owned by people of color. Recently, the company has created several digital products geared toward helping entrepreneurs. Some of the items that it has produced are providing business foundation information, offering vehicle financing, setting up professional merchant accounts, and many more. So much can be expected from Elgin Edwards and Access Funding Partners Inc. in the years to come. “Our goal is to partner with our community and help them gain access to much-needed funding to expand and grow their business footprint,” the visionary leader left off.

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