DSRPT Digital and Red Bean Radio Unite to Empower Builders at Rising Tide Event

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Las Vegas, Nevada–(Newsfile Corp. – July 4, 2023) – DSRPT Digital, the first AAPI women-led marketing agency specializing in web3 and experiential events, joined forces with Red Bean Radio, a visionary media platform, to host the groundbreaking Rising Tide event. This unique collaboration aimed to create a space for builders from the Azuki community and around the world to showcase their projects, foster collaboration, and support one another.

The Rising Tide event marked the culmination of Azuki’s Follow the Rabbit week in Las Vegas, Nevada, where thousands of Azuki community members from across the globe converged. Led by Carol Nguyen and Ashley Garin, co-founders of DSRPT Digital, and Carl Choi, co-founder of Red Bean Radio, the event embodied the spirit of builders supporting builders in the web3 space.

“We wanted to provide a platform for builders within the Azuki community to shine and share their visionary projects,” explained Carol Nguyen, co-founder of DSRPT Digital. “By uniting with Red Bean Radio, we aimed to create a collective space where builders could speak directly to the community, inspiring and supporting one another in their creative pursuits.”

Ashley Garin, co-founder of DSRPT Digital, added, “The Rising Tide event represents a powerful convergence of talent, innovation, and community spirit. It’s a testament to the strength and impact that builders can achieve when they come together.”

The Rising Tide event showcased the ingenuity and creativity of the Azuki community and builders from around the world. Attendees were treated to captivating stage presentations, where builders had the opportunity to share their projects, make exclusive announcements, and connect with fellow builders and community members.

“Our vision was to create an environment where builders could feel empowered and celebrated,” said Carl Choi, co-founder of Red Bean Radio. “We believe that when builders come together, a rising tide lifts all boats. This event was a testament to the incredible talent and innovation within the Azuki community and the wider web3 space.”

The collaboration between DSRPT Digital and Red Bean Radio brought together their respective expertise in event production, marketing, and media, resulting in a seamless and engaging experience for attendees. From the meticulously designed stage show to the immersive Builder Bar, every aspect of the event aimed to elevate builders and foster collaboration.

In addition to the core event programming, Rising Tide featured a special message from world-renowned artist James Jean, who expressed his support for the community and had a rare physical piece exhibited at the event, adding a touch of artistic brilliance to the occasion.

DSRPT Digital and Red Bean Radio’s partnership extended beyond the Rising Tide event, as they also granted access to Encore Beach Club and XS nightclub, where attendees could continue the celebration alongside world-renowned artists.

The Rising Tide event encapsulated the unwavering commitment of DSRPT Digital and Red Bean Radio to empower builders, showcase visionary projects, and foster collaboration within the web3 community. By creating a space where builders could shine, the event solidified its place as a pivotal moment in the web3 landscape.

For more information about DSRPT Digital and their groundbreaking work in the web3 space, please visit www.dsrptdigital.com or contact info@dsrptdigital.com, @dsrptdigital on Twitter and @dsrpt.digital on IG.

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DSRPT Digital is the first AAPI women-led marketing agency specializing in web3 and experiential events. With a dedicated team of industry experts and a passion for innovation, DSRPT Digital empowers builders and creators, amplifying their impact and fostering collaboration within the web3 community.

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