Dr. JoNeil Conely: Leading with Compassion in Nursing’s Untold Story

Dr. JoNeil Conely: Leading with Compassion in Nursing's Untold Story
Photo credited to Nicolette Moore, First Class Agency

As professionals where empathy and care are hallmarks of the trade, nursing also harbors a less discussed narrative, one of personal challenges like bullying, burnout, and stress. Dr. JoNeil Conely stands as a guiding light in this arena, bringing these critical issues to the forefront, most notably at the recent Voice of Purpose event hosted by First Class Agency. Dr. Conely, an esteemed nursing professional and advocate, has dedicated her career not only to the physical well-being of patients but also to the mental and emotional health of her fellow nurses. In her impassioned address at the event, she shed light on the often-overlooked struggles that nurses face behind the scenes, emphasizing the importance of addressing these challenges to foster a healthier and more supportive healthcare environment.

Possessing over four decades of experience in nursing, Dr. Conely intimately understands the profession’s peaks and valleys. Her journey extends beyond clinical excellence and patient compassion; she has dedicated herself to addressing the often-overlooked adversities nurses face. This dedication is encapsulated in the acronym COBUMS, representing challenge, overwork, bullying, uncertainty, mistreatment, and stress.

Refusing to remain silent, Dr. Conely has transformed these challenges into a personal mission. She is the ultimate champion for their well-being and self-care. Her eloquent speech at the Voice of Purpose event shines light on these issues with her insightful research and commitment to creating a nurturing community for nurses.

Dr. Conely actively constructs an empowering environment for nursing professionals. Her platform is a rich tapestry of curated resources, personal narratives, and collaborative efforts, all geared toward providing crucial well-being guidance and professional development. Her guiding mantra, “It’s not about the Bully—it is about YOU!”, epitomizes her mission’s core.

Dr. JoNeil Conely: Leading with Compassion in Nursing's Untold Story
Photo credited to Nicolette Moore, First Class Agency

Her impactful participation in the Voice of Purpose event, securing her a spot among the top 10 finalists, resonated widely, elevating awareness about these critical nursing issues. Dr. Conely continues to be a vocal champion for nurses, leveraging her LinkedIn page to disseminate motivational content, expert advice, and invaluable resources. These contributions not only spotlight the unique challenges nurses encounter but also offer practical strategies for managing them without compromising professional integrity. Her website serves as a vital hub of information, addressing and proposing solutions to the multifaceted challenges represented by COBUMS.

Dr. Conely’s role in the Voice of Purpose event was a vivid display of her relentless dedication to enhancing the nursing profession. As a speaker, Dr. Conely harnesses her platform to ignite change, provide support, and foster growth. She embodies the essence of a caregiver, extending her nurturing reach beyond patients to her nursing peers, and zealously advocating for their welfare. 

Her personal experiences have been transformed into a potent advocacy campaign, infusing care and compassion throughout the nursing community. Her involvement in the Voice of Purpose event underscores her unwavering commitment to effecting substantive change in nursing, inspiring positive transformations one step at a time.


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